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Boost your body care experience in Marbella’s most luxurious Spas

blog-18Together with the end of the year comes a lot of stress from work to be made before 2016 ends, children need to be cared for during their school vacations, and the whole season of social events, traffic, and worries mixed up with stressful responsibilities make your body ask for some space. We invite you to vent your anxiety and release all the stress of the year taking a relaxing vacation experience in Marbella.

It seems to be ok to be busy nowadays. To be always on the smartphone, or on the computer or making business by phone, always being in a hurry. This lifestyle has made our health poorer and with lower quality. This can’t be right. Stress attacks our wellbeing and at the end consumes us.

So why not making a stop and think process: Do I need some relaxing vacations away from it all? Do I need time for myself or alone time with my partner? By dedicating regular quality relaxation time to your normal routine you can avoid several potential health problems related to stress. Both body and mind need to rest and they are connected when talking about physical health.

We propose different options for you to release the stress and also spend a wonderful time here in Marbella. My Angel Star is the best place to start this retreat. It is an exclusive massage center, where you can get natural therapies and body rituals, located in the charming promenade of Marbella. The types of treatment provided by My Angel Star, in addition of being an excellent tool for relieving soft tissue restrictions, have a deeply relaxing effect on the physical body as well as the mind. Among the different rituals, which range from 40€ to 70€, you can have here there are: geranium and semiprecious stones ritual, hot stones and aromatherapy. For your body wellbeing you can chose from a foot reflexology, back massage, lymphatic drainage, and muscular tension reliever. For your mind and spirit you can try the craniosacral therapy, balancing therapy, reiki, Ayurvedic, and relaxing treatments.

My Angel Star, located at Edificio Torre Marina, C/ Antonio Montero Sánchez, provides a complete holistic program for health and wellbeing using natural resources, respecting our bodies and the planet we live in. They also offer a variety of products for sale in order for you to take the spa experience home. They have been selected in order to give the best organic and ecologic brands such as Alqvimia, avoiding the use of chemical substances that might harm your health.

Another excellent option for you to live the fitness experience in Marbella is at the Marbella Club Wellness, located in Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe. It combines physical exercise and physiological therapies with nutritional guidance and restorative beauty treatments. It has a team of medical and therapeutic experts, programs are enhanced by the hotel’s Thalasso Spa. It offers beauty treatments, to help with rejuvenation, weight loss and stress programs, holistic and stabilizing ShiTao massages and facial massages with seashells are also available. The spa boasts a dynamic indoor sea water pool, Hammam and Finnish saunas, a relaxation room and 12 fully-equipped treatment rooms.

At Marbella Club Wellness you can also train your fitness. A group of medical and nutritional experts offers guidance and workshops on a variety of topics and sports, where you can try the amazing and effective  sea walking, nordic walking, beach training, and cross training. Additionally, their team of personal trainers, coaches and therapists offer a vast selection of physical and holistic activities to meet your health and wellbeing interests.

We want you to come to Marbella and discover the frequency of harmony your mind and body need right now. Your beauty will flow naturally after you rediscover the essence of your own physical potential. Balance your soul and heal your body in an exquisite atmosphere of peace and relaxation that will take you beyond your dreams in one of the best places to do so. We will be delighted to assist you with all your potential needs, providing you with the correct contacts to lead you to rediscover your internal peace and natural being.



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