Pan y Mermelada

The people of Marbella are from all corners of the globe & from all walks of life but they come together at Pan & Mermelada. We serve freshly prepared North American style breakfast with big portions & photogenic appearance. Lunch starts at 1.00pm and we offer brunch, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers and salads. We are also [...]

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De Zentral

The innovative café offers a very trendy vibe, such as one might expect to find in the hippest areas of innovative cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Berlin. Besides serving one of the best coffees in Marbella, Dezentral serve visually exciting dishes. Light, healthy and modern meals, where even the bread and other goodies are made [...]

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Rachel’s Corner

Treating yourself and taking care of your body go hand in hand at Rachel’s. Whether you’ve spent the morning in the Six Senses Spa or had an intense workout, this breezy bistro is a breath of fresh air. Energising juices, protein shakes, avocado-topped olive bread, and peach-stuffed crêpes are just a small selection of the [...]

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Fresh Food Cafe Marbella

The Fresh Food Cafe is a bright airy cafe serving breakfasts, sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas, toasties, oven baked jacket potatoes, salads, cakes, treats and more. To drink we serve a full range of regular coffees as well as vanilla, caramel & hazelnut in 3 sizes, a fantastic selection of fine herbal, fruit & regular teas, fappachinos, [...]

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