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Marbella for the Solo Traveler

Marbella for the solo traveler. Most of the time in our life we always sojourn with a partner, family, or group of friends. There are some times though that we have to travel in life alone. It could be we just want to be alone; need time away from the crowd, or we just enjoy our own company enough that we do not need anyone else but ourselves. We can go about our own business without anyone telling us where to go or need anyone to lead us. For those brave enough to enjoy traveling alone, this is for you. It may seem awkward, even frightening to experience something new alone or even check out a location all on your own; but here in Marbella, this can be done with such ease and a sense of fulfillment. The following are some solo activities that you can experience in Marbella without much fuss and trouble at all.

Try Out Local Coffee Shops

Right in the dining row of the boardwalk at Puerto Banus, there are several coffee shops you can partake in and enjoy the scenery. One of the best IG-worthy home grown café is Rosas Café. You can even go here with your pet as they have a special menu catering specially for them. At Rosas Café, you can seat yourself, grab special brews, a cake or two, bring a book and just enjoy this beautiful place. Don’t be shy to take pictures and share them on your social media.

Another local coffee shop that is a favorite among locals and tourists alike is Magna Café Marbella. While this is not exactly along the Puerto Banus restaurant row, the short 1km walk or drive is well worth it. Magna Café overlooks the dreamy golf course called Magna Marbella Golf Course. This café and restaurant has been serving organic cuisine to its guests since 2005. This café located in the Nueva Andalucia area has breath-taking mountain views, fresh air, al fresco dining, and boasts of superb service and complete meals under the hands of Chef Edgar Mikelsons. Restaurant goers speak about the view where on any day you will be able to see down to the coast of Gibraltar. Here, you can dine alone and not feel emptiness as the beautiful grounds surround and enthrall you to just take it easy, relax, and enjoy the experience.

Take Yourself Out to a Shopping Spree

Not to be missed in Marbella for the solo traveler are the rows upon rows of high-end retail stores that will surely leave your wallets and cards in exhaustion! Marbella is home to high-fashion unlike Ibiza. Here, you will see the likes of Rolex, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, all displaying prominent designs like there is no tomorrow! Go ahead and treat yourself to some luxurious brands. If lingerie is also something you want to buy for yourself, friends, or your partner, then Oysho is the place to go. Here you will find from kids to beautiful and dreamy lingerie that will surely make your sleep a beauty rest indeed.

There are also department stores where you can easily find anything to your heart’s content. One of the biggest is Centro Comercial: Costa Marbella. This expansive department store has a total of six floors that offers dining, service, and a wide array of retail stores that will certainly have you reaching for your wallet as you walk along the corridors floor to floor.

La Canada Shopping Centre, a perfect place for shopping for the Marbella solo traveler. Here, everything you need can be found. From restaurants, home appliances, souvenir shops, and even entertainment. This is one place that is essential if you plan on being in Costa del Sol. Another plus for this shopping centre is its free parking. You now have less to worry about as you shop from retail store to store.

The Marbella Old Town Shopping Centre is also something to visit while you are alone. This area has special niche stores and offers authentic Marbella craft and local stores that you will definitely want to buy. This shopping area also has historical points of interest so imagine yourself being immersed in local history as you talk to the owners of artisanal shops and get to know them on a personal level. Imagine knowing the history of this beautiful shopping centre. Take a picture or two with the locals and get to imbibe the local sceneries. The Marbella Old Town Shopping Centre is a hip and vibrant place that you will surely enjoy by yourself or with friends and family.

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Rent a Bike and Discover Corners of Marbella

As summertime approaches, this is the perfect time to rent a bike and just explore what Marbella has to offer. The good thing with the boardwalk of Puerto Banus and the roads, is that it is bike-friendly. Ironman events have been held here several times and it is scheduled again to happen this September 2021. You can bike along and just take in the sceneries as you feel the wind and refresh your soul as the mountain settings just put you in an amazing mood.


Get a Holiday Rental

Another important factor as you experience Marbella as a solo traveler is that it is always best to find accommodation where you feel and live among the locals. While Marbella is worldly known as a tourist destination, there are residents and locals who have made this their home. When you rent a property via local property accommodations, you will be able to experience living like the locals and even make a friend or two. One accommodation provider, Vacation Marbella has a wide-array of properties that you can easily contact and choose from. They cater to all: from solo travelers looking to find themselves all the way to big family reunions. There is one property that they will be able to connect you with.

Travelling alone should never be something that you dread. It is a good way to really get to know yourself and when you experience Marbella as a solo traveler, you will feel that you can do anything else and conquer the world on your own. Go ahead, contact Vacation Marbella so you have a head start in making your solo travel dreams come true!