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Car rentals

Imagine arriving to Europe and immediately being able to grab the keys to your pristine rental and hit the coastline for your seaside adventure. This is exactly what you can expect when you use our car rental reservation service! While popular car rental services like Hertz, Avis, Sixt, Pepe Car and others do offer car rentals in Marbella, none are able to connect them with your rental like we can.

Typically, guests arrive in Marbella and head to one of the local car rental agencies, either at the airport or one of the many other local rental agencies. Though options in the area are abundant, the wait times can put a damper on jumpstarting your holiday. Not only will you need to successfully locate a car rental agency that still has the type of vehicle you are looking for, but you will also have to spend valuable vacation time filling out paperwork and gathering the necessary items for the rental agency to process. This process can often take more than an hour to complete before you even get your car!

Eliminate this unnecessary hassle by using the convenient Vacation Marbella car rental service. This premium and convenient option offers a 24-hour personal meet and greet service from the Malaga airport, guaranteeing you will be able to hit the ground running as soon as you arrive for your holiday. We are one of the very few vacation agencies that offer this premium service to guests. We also are very competitive on our pricing — you will find that any ‘best price guaranteed’ service will not be any better than our easy and simple car service.

Enjoy fantastic, personal service and a fast, frictionless process from start to finish with the Vacation Marbella car rental service! Our expedient car rental service is just another premium amenity that makes Vacation Marbella the area’s most popular and trusted vacation rental agency.

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