Fine Dining Restaurants in Marbella

The best offer of restaurants in Marbella. Our Vacation Guide to Marbella with lots of useful holiday information to help you have a wonderful stay.

Marbella is heaven for foodies and the rise of gourmet tourism is encouraging more and more visitors to come in search of the most delicious produce, authentic Spanish food and of course fine dining restaurants with Michelin stars. You can find it all here in Marbella!

We will take you on a tour around the best fine dining venues in Marbella. The region has plenty of good restaurants, offering a great variety of cuisines, and dining experiences.

Top 10 restaurants in Marbella

There are 1,146 restaurants in the Marbella area according to TripAdvisor and many more that aren’t listed, so the choice can be a little baffling. So to help you choose the right restaurant, we’ve chosen our favourites and listed them below. These offer a good selection of different cuisines and experiences and there are 14 of them, so one per night for a two week holiday! Just click the name of the restaurant to read our full review.

Places for a fine dining

Andalucia is remarkable for its exquisite variety of food. The most natural vegetables harvested in our lands make possible the preparation of the most exquisite Mediterranean dishes. Mediterranean cuisine will not leave you indifferent as you will try endless new and fresh flavours. Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean culture and try the most exquisite restaurants in Marbella. Try the seafood collected directly from our Mediterranean sea every day and let yourself be surprised by its different flavours. In Marbella, we have some of the most famous restaurants in the area. Do not stay without trying the best Andalusian dishes.

Luxury restaurants

Marbella is well known for its exquisite culinary experiences – from the most traditional and authentic to modern and fusion and everything in between.

Savor: located in Marbella, in San Pedro de Alcántara, this restaurant deserves all your attention. Its cuisine is one of the most interesting in the area. In all their dishes, you can taste the fusion of three cultures: the Malaga cuisine, the Caribbean style, and the touches of Asian ingredients. The result fills you with unforgettable flavors, aromas, and textures.

Skina: this intimate restaurant has become the world’s smallest restaurant to obtain a Michelin star. It only has space for 14 diners. On top of that, here you can enjoy unbeatable market cuisine and a wine cellar with more than 300 labels. If you decide to visit this magical little spot and want to try everything, then go for the Andalusian tasting menu.

Ta-Kumi: the Ta-Kumi restaurant in Marbella is one of the best examples of fusion between Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. One of the best Japanese restaurants in Spain, it sits right on the coast of Marbella. Also noteworthy is its presentation, creative without falling into excesses.

In short, you will absolutely love Marbella if you are into fine dining.

More about restaurants in Marbella

If you have been wanting to know more about the gastronomic culture of Marbella, keep reading our articles, they will help you to know all the secrets necessary to enjoy our city through its flavors.

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