Wellness in Marbella

Perfect place for pampering, health, and beauty and a great wellness destination ✅ Beauty treatments into a luxury holiday. For more details, contact us today!

Marbella is a wonderful place for pampering, health and beauty and a great wellness destination. You can come over for a bootcamp, detox or retreat if you want to see fast results, or just incorporate some beauty treatments into a luxury holiday.

We are also seeing a growth in medical tourism, where people come here for cosmetic surgery or dentistry, which can be a lot cheaper than in the UK or Northern Europe and offer a great place to rest and recuperate.

If you’re interested in a wellness break in Marbella, or simply want to incorporate some treatments, fitness or pampering into your next holiday, we can be your guide! In this section we’re going to recommend the places to go and things to do on your next visit to Marbella, so you don’t have to waste time searching yourself.

Top wellness plans in Marbella

We have recommendations for the best clinics, yoga, gyms, spas and hair salons in Marbella and the surrounding area. Simply click on the links below to go to a page dedicated to each topic about wellness Marbella

Everything you need to relax

Dedicating time to yourself should be an essential part of a vacation trip. Stress, routine and day-to-day worries should stay at your place of residence. That is why we recommend that, during your stay, you visit the wellness centers in Marbella that we recommend. The best plans to relax are in the Costa del Sol, you can enjoy the most exclusive luxury spas in Marbella. So, focus on your inner self, relax, the best beauty and wellness rituals are those that combine body, mind and soul achieving a holistic wellness of the body. Take advantage of your stay with us to take care of your body and mind in wellness center Marbella.

Among the spas that you can find in Marbella we can highlight, among others, the “Villa Padierna Spa” a magnificent temple of beauty and health or “La Quinta Spa” a center with more than 1500 square meters with Hamman, impressive waterfalls or sauna.

Another great alternative is Yoga, on the Costa del Sol we have some wonderful teachers to help you get in shape. There are excellent yoga classes in the Marbella area, some in gyms and fitness studios, others on the beach or in the park, to make the most of the beautiful sunny weather and stunning surroundings.

In addition, in Marbella you can find different specialized health clinics, gyms, hairdressers and beauty salons where you can take care of yourself both physically and mentally during your vacation.

More about Wellness in Marbella

To learn more about the activities you can do in Marbella related to wellness continue reading our articles, they will help you to know recommendations of places to go to not to forget this trip.