Shopping in Marbella

Shopping in Marbella ✅ A city full of luxury stores and great brands of great prestige and recognition. Visit this page and shop now!

In our guide we have carefully selected the most outstanding stores in our city, those stores that, in addition to products, offer an experience that allows you to experience Marbella in all its splendor. We want you to experience our city in a different way, to have a trip that will remain in your memory forever!

Top 10 shopping places in Marbella

It would be impossible to calculate how many stores, shopping centers or shopping streets there are in total in shopping Marbella. The diversity is very large, there are different areas in the city, below, we offer some of what we consider the best stores or areas for shopping.

A wide variety of stores and shopping centres

Marbella has stores, shopping malls and streets full of establishments to do your shopping and take a little piece of the city to your place of residence. In the city you can find traditional areas where the locals go to do their usual shopping to luxury stores with selected brands and haute couture. Some Marbella shopping centers we recommend are:

Marina Banús: Large shopping center located in Puerto Banús with a wide range of clothing stores, restaurants and cafes. You can shop in exclusive stores of renowned brands of famous couturiers.  Ideal for an afternoon of shopping to give to your loved ones.

Marbella Market: In the center of the city you will find the market. As far as food is concerned, it is an interesting option if you want to buy local, quality and varied products. You can find the best meats, vegetables and of course fish of the area.

Art Galleries: One of the peculiarities that Marbella offers is its offer in art and painting. The city has numerous exhibitions and galleries that can be visited throughout the year where artists show their talent and put their works on sale. If you like this world, we recommend you to visit galleries such as “Es.Arte”, “Libertad Couso Art Gallery” or the art gallery of Álvaro Reja.

More about shopping places in Marbella

If you want to know more about Shopping mall Marbella and Marbella shops, keep reading our articles, they will help you to know all the necessary secrets to enjoy our city.