Global Gift Celebrity Golf Challenge will be held in Marbella

The Global Gift Celebrity Golf Challenge was held in Marbella for thee consecutive years. Ronan Keating and Maria Bravo invited us to participate in it!


Marbella has a generous Spanish population, a stunning old town, very rich culture, fantastic cuisine and wonderful year-round weather. With the peak Golfing season approaching, Marbella is the perfect destination for any golf lover who wishes to enjoy sheer volumes of luxury golf courses at great value. Ronan Keating and Maria Bravo invite you to the participate in Global Gift Celebrity Golf Challenge that will be held for the third consecutive year in Marbella on October 15th to raise funds for people in need.

On the 29th of October, Marbella welcomes everyone to the 2016 Casares Footgolf Club Championship, a new variety of golf that is becoming extremely popular. Why don’t you try something new? The Feria de San Pedro is on from the 17th-23rd of October. A fabulous parade and an amazing fireworks display will celebrate the official opening of the fairground. To many of us, the end of October means only one thing: Halloween.

There are many events and parties to chose from in Marbella, for all ages. For the kids, Marbella town hall is hosting a party with a best dressed competition on the 27th. On the 29th, there is a Halloween race, that consists of 6.66 km, dressed up in Halloween and raise funds for DEBRA & AVOI charity and have a great laugh. Then, on the 30th of October there is a Colour Obstable Rush, with 15 inflatable obstacles, 5 color stations and great music! All Saints Day in Spain – Día de todos los Santos – is celebrated on November 1st honoring the dead (sometimes called Day of the Dead).

This is a national holiday and thus many businesses and schools will be closed on this day. Are you spending Bonfire Night in Marbella this year? On the 5th of November enjoy a beautiful firework display and celebrations.



From Vacation Marbella wants that everyone knows the benefit about staying in Marbella. There are a plenty of activities that you can do with your family, friends or even with you pet. Share the information with everyone and who knows, maybe could join your plans!