International Aviation Festival in Torre Del Mar 28-29-30 July 2017

The Torre del Mar International Aviation Festival is an aeronautic, cultural, sporting and family event that brings together more than 250,000 spectators in the Torre del Mar arenas. Some of the best acrobatic pilots in Europe are coming and it is totally free for the spectators.

The pilots will push their air machines to the limit during the 3 exhibition days. Jet fighters, acrobatic patrols, historical aircraft and the latest designs with the most advanced aerospace technology will be present at this aviation show.

During Friday and Saturday the training will be held while on Sunday the competition will take place. The competition will have a large cast of participants who are world-class teams and offer performances all around the world whom have never been seen in Spain. Among them, visitors will be able to see the Turkish Air Force, French, Belgian with their F16 and Spain with the F18.

In 2016 more than 250,000 people were welcomed at the Aviation Festival in Torre del Mar.

Its an international event where people from all over the world come to Málaga in order to visit this event.

The accumulation of sensations gathered by the spectators makes them experience unique and unrepeatable emotions.


Torre del Mar Beach
The event starts the 28th of July at 10:00.

Come and join us!



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