Ironman Marbella 70.3

IRONMAN Marbella has fastly become a moniker as it gets more participants excited each additional year. Click here to know more about this!

IRONMAN Marbella has fastly become a moniker as it gets more participants excited each additional year. While it was postponed last year because of the height of the pandemic, it will soon once again become a reality as IRONMAN Marbella 2021 is set this September 2021.

The setting is still the beautiful and dreamy area of Marbella, Spain. This part of Spain is touted to be one of the most picturesque in all of coastal Spain. In fact if there was one location in Spain known for Instagram-worthy pictures, this Andalusian city is definitely the one. Where else can athletes swim, bike, and run and still be able to bask in the beautiful scenery but only in Marbella, Spain?

Ironman Marbella starts with a beautiful 1.2 mile swim in the beach of Puerto Banus Levante beach of the Mediterranean Sea. Here, crowds and supporters can actually look out from their terraces and balconies and enjoy this historical event unfold in front of their eyes. Several holiday goers set their holiday travels to Marbella, Spain around this time. Even if you are not an athlete or aspiring marathoner, you can enjoy the camaraderie and cheer on your favourite participants.

With the COVID pandemic still in the air, one can say that supporting your athletes from a distance is definitely worth it. That is why there are several holiday rentals in Marbella, especially in the Puerto Banus area that you can stay in, cheer from afar, and definitely feel safe. Vacation Marbella, one trusted and recommended luxury accommodation offers several properties within this area where you can feel safe and still feel the ambience of Ironman 70.3 Marbella in front of you.

After the swim, athletes are then taken to a 56 mile loop starting at the“Gold Mile” of Marbella. This bike course enables participants to cycle across the city of Marbella and get a feel of the old and new diverse looks of this beautiful place.

They will race through Monda, Coin, and Cartama before heading back to transition again in Puerto Banus.

Puerto Banus is known as Costa del Sol’s playground. This is a melting pot where everything that glistens and is full of glamour can be found. One can dine with anyone from the famous rich or Hollywood stars and still be able to afford it! The shops and restaurants lined up in this part of Puerto Banus reflect the expensive lifestyle one can dream about.

There are plenty of designer names all around the marina complete with yachts and boats docked. As tourists, they can get a taste of this lifestyle since there are several tours and holiday rentals in Marbella offering this.

Once back in the world famous Puerto Banus, Ironman 70.3 Marbella athletes then do a last two-loop 13.1 miles run course. This track leads along the promenade of Marbella. On one side, participants get to experience and feel the magic of the Mediterranean. On the other side, they get to be cheered on by spectators and viewers as they finish near the sea. The magic starts and ends with Puerto Banus and with the high hopes that this pandemic will soon ease up on more travel restriction, several holiday letting companies are offering special early bookings for the September 19, 2021 week stay.

If you feel you are not up for competing but still wish to be a part of this special event, the first thing to do is to look for accommodation around Marbella, Spain. It is definitely a good idea to book early as with over 5,000 participants, supporters, and their families, this area of Marbella, Spain will definitely be filled up fast. As an athlete, it is still best to stick with your family and just rent via a holiday rental instead of staying at a hotel. This will give you more flexibility as you feel more at home and feel more at ease not having to worry about the COVID  virus as you prepare for the race.

Holiday rentals in Spain are definitely strict when it comes to cleanliness as they have to abide by health and sanitation guidelines in order to continue their business during this trying time of the pandemic. Vacation Marbella takes it a step further by making sure everything is clean and up to excellent standards even before check in of guests.

Hotels cannot give that homey feel as homes actually can give and with holiday letting companies, we make sure that each home you stay in will feel like you are really home away from home. We also offer added services such as airport transfers to and from where you will be staying. And with small fees, we can stock the fridge and pantry so that you can get the rest and relaxation you need before the race or during your stay.

Even without directly participating at Ironman 70.3 Marbella this September 2021, you can still feel this triumphant event just by being in the area. You can also opt to tour around the area of Malaga, the birthplace of Picasso. There is a Roman Amphitheatre and the 11th Century Alcazaba. This is actually one of the most important landmarks of Malaga. This amphitheatre overlooks the city from a hilltop which is such a magnificent sight on its own.

The full experience of your Vacation Marbella can be had with just one host provider. Ironman 70.3 Marbella awaits your arrival this September 2021. This very special sports event is one not to be missed. We welcome you to book already and catch the best deals online for the best holiday rentals in Spain.



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