Marbella Fair: Discover the essence of our most emblematic fair

Discover everything you need to enjoy the Marbella fair: dates, key places, activities and traditions.

The Marbella Fair is one of the most outstanding events in the calendar of the city of Marbella, located on the Costa del Sol, in the province of Malaga, Spain. This annual festivity attracts residents and visitors alike, offering a week filled with joy, music, dance, and deep-rooted traditions. In this article, we will tell you the most important information that you need to know if you have decided to visit it: when the fair is held, its patron saint and some of the outstanding traditions that accompany it.

When is the Marbella fair held?

The Marbella Fair generally takes place during the second half of June, although the exact dates may vary slightly from year to year. The duration of the fair is usually one week, giving attendees the opportunity to enjoy various activities and events that are spread over several days. In 2023, the Marbella fair will take place from June 6 to 12.

The choice of the date for the celebration of the Marbella Fair is a crucial aspect, since it influences the festive atmosphere and the participation of residents and visitors.

One of the main reasons why June is a good date for the Marbella Fair is the favorable climate that characterizes this time of year on the Costa del Sol. In June, the temperature begins to rise and the days are longer, which creates an ideal environment to enjoy outdoor activities and the different attractions of the fair. Clear skies and the warm Mediterranean sun provide perfect conditions for strolling the decorated streets and enjoying the lively party atmosphere.

The Marbella Fair in June marks the beginning of the summer season on the Costa del Sol. The celebration of this festivity gives residents and visitors the opportunity to welcome summer in a lively and festive way. The atmosphere of joy and fun that exists at the fair creates a contagious and enthusiastic atmosphere, full of positive energy. Attendees can enjoy the various events, shows and activities that mark the start of the summer season in the region.

The patron saint of the Marbella Fair

The Marbella Fair is dedicated to San Bernabé, patron saint of the city. San Barnabas is a Christian saint revered for his work as an evangelist and apostle. During the fair, religious acts are held in honor of San Bernabé, such as processions and the celebration of special masses in the Church of La Encarnación.

Main activities and attractions

The Marbella Fair is held in the fairgrounds located in the center of the city, specifically in the area known as “La Alameda”. The venue is transformed into a place full of color and animation, with booths, attractions and stages where musical and dance performances take place.

One of the most distinctive features of the fair are the booths, which are decorated and themed structures where groups of friends, families and associations gather to enjoy the party. The booths are usually open to the public and offer music, dance, food and drink typical of the region.

In addition to the booths, the fair has a wide range of attractions for all ages, including roller coasters, merry-go-rounds and skill games. Children can enjoy activities designed especially for them, such as carousels and inflatable games.

Featured traditions

The Marbella Fair is steeped in Andalusian traditions that add charm and authenticity to the celebration:


The typical dance of the region is an integral part of the fair. Visitors can enjoy flamenco dance shows on the main stages, where professional dancers and musicians captivate the audience with their talent and passion.


Another important tradition is gastronomy. If you are lucky enough to visit the fair, you cannot leave without trying the fried “pescaíto”, an emblematic dish of local gastronomy that consists of fried fish, mainly anchovies or squid. This dish becomes an essential culinary delight during the fair, and visitors can enjoy it at the booths and food stalls.

Costume contests

In addition, during the Marbella Fair, typical Andalusian costume contests are held, where men and women dress in traditional clothing from the region. These pageants highlight the beauty and elegance of flamenco clothing, with vibrantly colored dresses, ruffles, and Manila shawls.

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