Music & Arts Festival “Salida del Sol II”

Music & Arts Festival “Salida del Sol II” is a festival that is being planned every year with many topics to be found on the events. See all details here.

Music & Arts Festival “Salida del Sol II” will be celebrated from 2 nd until 8 October at Avanto Beach Restaurant in La Cala de Mijas.

It is a festival that is being planned every year since there is nothing similar in Spain. There are seven concerts taking place over the seven nights festival is being celebrated, with international well-known musicians.

Art, painting, sculptures and photography are some of the topics that will be found at the festival. Every evening will consist on a different topic and a unique menu.

The Soiree will begin at 8.30 pm every evening. They encourage all attendees to browse around, soak in the Art on exhibition whilst you enjoy a complimentary glass of Cava.
The evenings will begin on the Terrace of Avanto Beach Restaurant, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, as the sun begins to set.

20.00 Arrival, cocktail and viewing art exhibition.
20.30 Meet on the terrace.
21.00 First half of soiree.
21.30 Retreat to the terrace, drinks and canapés.
22.00 Second half of soiree.
22.45 Soiree ends, Meet artists in the bar.

October 2 Grand Opening Soiree Atlantic Folk Trio
October 3 David Lau Magnussen Piano Solo Soiree
October 4 Justin Kangmin Kim Counter Tenor Soiree
October 5 Marisol Lee Violin Solo Soiree
October 6 Jacob Shaw Cello David Lau Magnussen Piano Duo Soiree
October 7 Trio del Sol Piano Trio Soiree
October 8 Closing Festival Soiree Festival Participants and the International Music Society

Project Music Management supports the CUDECA Hospice. A percentage of every ticket sold goes to CUDECA Hospices.

7 Night Pass – 160 EURO, plus FREE Cava Sunrise Breakfast with Music – TOTAL SAVING 60 EURO
4 Night Pass – 85 EURO, plus FREE Cava Sunrise Breakfast with Music – TOTAL SAVING over 60 EURO
FAMILY PASS, 1 Night – 2 Adults, 2 Children, 75 EURO
2.50 EURO from each ticket sale goes to the CUDECA Hospice, supported by the GOLDIES.

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