Tourist licence for vacation rentals in Spain: how to apply for it

Do you want to obtain a tourist licence for a property? Find out about the current regulations, the requirements, the application procedures and the price.

Do you want to obtain a tourist licence for a property? Find out about the current regulations, the requirements, the application procedures and the price. Fulfilling this requirement is essential for any owner who wishes to rent out their property legally in the holiday rental sector.

In this article, we will discuss in detail what the holiday rental tourist licence is, how it is regulated in Spain, the types that exist, how to apply for it, the necessary requirements and how much it can cost to obtain it. If you are considering renting a property, this information is essential to ensure you comply with all the relevant regulations.

What is a tourist licence?

A tourist licence is a document issued by local authorities that allows property owners to rent their properties to tourists on a temporary basis. Its main purpose is to ensure that rental properties comply with certain regulations and quality standards, which contributes to the safety and satisfaction of guests.

Tourism regulations are the exclusive competence of the autonomous communities, which establish their own tourism regulations and dictate the holiday rental regulations. Our region, Andalusia, is governed by Decree 28/2016, of 2 February, on dwellings for tourist purposes.

What types of tourist licences for dwellings are there?

There are several types of licences, and their classification may vary depending on the geographical location. However, two of the most common types of tourist dwelling licences are:

  • Tourist dwelling licence: these are private residences and are rented for a certain period of time (days, weeks or months). As explained in the above-mentioned EU regulation, tourist dwellings can be offered on a room-by-room basis or as a whole property.
  • Tourist flat licences: these are non-residential properties that are managed by companies.

How to apply for a tourist licence for vacation rentals in Spain?

The process for applying for a tourist licence can vary by location, but generally follows these steps:

  • Research: Research the specific regulations and requirements in your community. Identify what type of licence you need.
  • Preparation: Make sure your property meets the required safety, hygiene and quality standards.
  • Application: Complete the licence application and provide the necessary documentation, which may include property plans, safety certificates and other documents. You can complete some of the steps to apply for your tourist licence in Andalucía online. Remember that each autonomous community has its own management.
  • Inspection: In some cases, the authorities will carry out an inspection of your property to verify that it meets the requirements.
  • Payment of fees: Generally, you must pay a fee. The cost varies depending on the location and type of licence.
  • Approval and renewal: Once approved, be sure to renew your licence according to the deadlines set by the authorities.

Requirements for a tourist rental licence

The requirements for obtaining a tourist licence can vary widely by location, but some common elements across all autonomous communities include:

  • Complying with safety and quality standards for the property.
  • Having a civil liability insurance.
  • Paying the relevant fees.
  • Comply with zoning and land use restrictions.
  • Provide accurate and complete information on the application.

It is important to check your community’s specific requirements to ensure you are in compliance with all applicable regulations.

How much does the tourist licence cost?

The cost of the tourist licence varies depending on the location and the type of licence you need. In Andalucía, for example, this type of licence is free of charge. It is essential to find out what the fees are in your region before you start the application process.

In summary, a tourist licence is an essential requirement for any property owner wishing to rent their property legally in the holiday rental market. Complying with regional requirements and regulations ensures the safety of guests and avoids legal problems. Before embarking on any holiday rental activity, make sure you are aware of the types of licences available, how to apply for them, the requirements needed and the associated cost. This will enable you to operate successfully and legally in this exciting sector.

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