Vacation Marbella cooperating with Ronald McDonald, charity

We will help Casa Ronald McDonald ( Málaga) by giving them 1 Euro per booking we receive. Book with us your next holidays and let's help other families.

We will help the Casa Ronald McDonald ( Málaga) by giving them 1 Euro per booking we receive.

On 29th November 2017 Vacation Marbella has signed a collaboration where it is estimated that it will be donated more than 3,000 Euros annually.

Vicente Moros, Casa Ronald McDonald´s director of Málaga has signed a collaboration agreement with Vacation Marbella Luxury Accommodation directors, Borja Rodríguez and Santiago Ramón-Llin. Vacation Marbella will be planning donation campaigns throughout the year with the use of its social media platforms in order to support the charity. The charity values positively this agreement since both of them have the same goal, provide an unique experience through hosting. Vacation Marbella as a tourism matter and the Casa Ronald MacDonald to provide homes for those families with children suffering health problems.

Our main goal is to reach 10,000 reservations year by year in order to cover all expenses for one of the bedrooms within the house, help us out! Book with us your next holidays, you will also participate in a charity matter and you will support families with non healthy children.

La Casa Ronald McDonald started six years ago in Málaga and at the moment they have managed to build 12 bedrooms to host families with unhealthy children, mainly cancer. These families arrive from different areas such as Melilla, Nador, Gibraltar and Málaga. Thanks to the support of all volunteers and the professional team behind the charity, they´ve managed to achieve a familiar atmosphere where families can stay together while the child´s treatment is being processed. Finally, it is important to organize activities between parents and children for the best of them by creating enthusiasm and happiness to help them having a good recovery.

As Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie sang, ¨We are the world, we are the children”.




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