Markets in Marbella

There are three main weekly markets in and around Marbella, which have hundreds of stalls, selling a huge variety of things. Check the details here

Discover the essence of Marbella through its Local Markets

An iconic tourist destination on the Costa del Sol, Marbella not only offers beautiful beaches and a sophisticated lifestyle, but also a vibrant market scene that reflects the region’s rich culture and cuisine. Immersing yourself in the local markets of Marbella is an authentic experience that allows visitors to get to know the very essence of this charming city.

Marbella Central Market

The beating heart of the markets in Marbella is the Mercado Central, located in the heart of the old town. Dating back to the 19th century, this market is a place where colours, flavors and aromas come together in a captivating dance. Here you will find a wide variety of fresh products, from fruits and vegetables to fish and shellfish, meats and cheeses. Walking through the corridors of the Central Market is a unique sensory experience, where you can delight in the quality and freshness of local products.

Marbella Market

If you are looking for a more lively and eclectic market experience, the Mercadillo de Marbella is the perfect place. This open-air market, which takes place on Mondays in the Marbella fairgrounds, is famous for its bustling atmosphere and its wide variety of products. From clothing and accessories to decorative items and souvenirs, you can find real bargains and hidden treasures here. The Marbella Market is an obligatory stop for those who enjoy haggling and the excitement of discovering unique objects.

Market of San Pedro de Alcántara

A few kilometres from Marbella is the charming town of San Pedro de Alcántara, where the Mercado de San Pedro is located. This market is a hidden treasure and a must for those looking to immerse themselves in the authenticity of local life. Here you can enjoy a traditional atmosphere and meet local farmers and producers. From fresh fruits and vegetables to gourmet products such as olive oil and honey, the San Pedro Market offers a wide selection of quality products.

Puerto Banus Market

Located in one of the most exclusive places in Marbella, Puerto Banús, is the Puerto Banús Market. This market combines sophistication and style with the authenticity of local products. Here you can find a selection of gourmet products, such as wines, olive oils, cheeses and sausages. In addition, the Puerto Banús Market has fashion, jewelry and handicraft shops, making it an ideal place to enjoy an afternoon of shopping and gastronomic delights.

The markets in Marbella are true treasures that allow you to discover the essence of the city and its rich culinary culture. Whether you find yourself in the bustling Mercado Central, the lively Mercadillo de Marbella, the charming Mercado de San Pedro or the elegant Mercado del Puerto Banús, you will be surrounded by flavors, colors and aromas that will transport you to the very essence of this beautiful city. of the Costa del Sol.

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