Caving Marbella

Speleology in the underground caves of Marbella. Are you looking for an activity for any time of the year? Learn about all the excursions on our blog.

Dare to discover the secrets of the depths of the province of Malaga, at any time of the year you can live a unique and unforgettable experience under the earth. One of the most fun and exciting adventure activities you can do during your visit to Marbella. You can find all kinds of caves, from horizontal caves to deep chasms.

The Sierra de las Nieves massif is mainly made up of limestone, dolomite and marble, compositions that are particularly prone to undergo a complex process of erosion and chemical dissolution known as karst dissolution, which, together with the existence of acidic water, will give rise to karst relief, giving rise to chasms and caves. Some of the routes you can do are these (more information on this website):

Eccentric Cave: Located in the town of Igualeja near Ronda, this beautiful cave stands out for the existence of a large number of geological formations: stalactites, stalagmites, banderoles and especially the eccentrics, which are the ones that give the cave its name. The route consists of two parts, one dry and the other wet, in which, with an incredible passage that leads to the entrance to the gallery of the eccentrics, formed in its initial part by a small lake of great beauty, full of impressive images.

Cueva Cerro de la Fuensanta: Located in the Cerro de la Fuensanta, less than an hour from Marbella, it consists of a large mouth on a small and steep rocky ridge. It has a room about 15m wide by 20m long with a large column in the centre of more than 8m high and a metre and a half in diameter.

Cueva de la Araña: In Antequera you can discover one of the most secret and hidden caves in the province, only for those who love speleology, this cave will enchant you with its beautiful landscapes inside and outside. With a duration of two hours you will go 50 meters deep.

Nerja Caves: Although it is not a strict caving route, it is a perfect walk for the whole family and all ages. The Nerja Cave is the perfect place where you can enjoy an attractive walk through a historical and artistic monument. On this excursion to the Nerja Cave, you can have fun with your family during a 45-minute walk through a cave that is also part of Spain’s historical heritage. It is the cave in the world with the most artistic and symbolic prehistoric manifestations.

You can find more tailor-made excursions on this website to make your trip to Marbella perfect and experience the depths of our province.

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