The most “instagrammable” places in Marbella

Marbella is full of outstanding spots that are worth sharing. Here, we show you some of its most remarkable instagramable places.

There are now 2 billion active Instagram users, not to mention, 2.9 billion people using Facebook. What we post on our social media channels matters, as it’s what we’re showing to the world about our lives, our success and our happiness. When we’re on our holidays, the social media content is even more important. We want people to see that we’re having a great time and create some envy, so we need to choose our location carefully!

Marbella is not only a fantastic place to holiday, not only an aspirational 5* destination, but it’s also gorgeous. This makes it the perfect place to generate that social media content which will having your Instagram blowing up, and everyone wishing they could be there with you.

As Marbella holiday experts, we can provide you with stunning holiday rentals in Marbella and also insider knowledge to make your stay the very best it can be. We are also always sharing beautiful pictures to inspire you on our Instagram and Facebook pages, so we’re very well placed to advise you on where to go to create amazing content!

Here’s our list of the top 6 most Instagrammable places in Marbella. Please tag us in any stunning pics you take of Marbella or use the hashtag #VacationMarbella and we’ll share the best on our socials!

Calle Ancha de Marbella

Calle Ancha literally means wide street, and is a beautiful street in Marbella’s Old Town. This street dates back to the 19th Century, when Marbella expanded beyond the city walls and Calle Ancha was built to link the city to the Northern area, which at that time was an area of farming and a place to raise livestock. Here you’ll find large houses of important figures from Marbella’s past, many with coats of arms on their facades. The architecture is Andalucian Baroque and features beautiful balconies, many filled with flowers and imposing doorways, leading on to patios.

The width of the street, with the church and its spire in the background, makes for a great photo. The vibrant flowers, bougainvillea and other climbing plants, gives an explosion of colour which contrasts with the white walls of the houses behind. That’s a great backdrop for a fantastic Insta post. On this street is the stunning French bistro of Casanis, which is a great restaurant, but also very Instagram friendly!

Marbella Old Town

The whole of Marbella Old Town is stunning and exploring its winding streets is a great thing to do when you’re on holiday in Marbella. You’ll find Instagrammable places all over the Old Town, from the beautiful Orange Square, with its bars, restaurants, orange trees and lovely architecture, to the old city walls and imposing main church. Don’t be afraid to get a little lost in the winding back streets, there’s beauty and that perfect shot waiting for you at every turn.

Great times for a seriously impressive and perhaps surprising Instagram post is during the Easter parades, when large sculptures of Jesus and Mary and carried through the streets on “tronos” by religious devotees. The Old Town also looks stunning at Christmas, with the lights twinkling and the nativity scenes set up in the churches and chapels.

We’ve got some great holiday rental properties in Marbella Old Town, if this sounds like the perfect base for your next vacation.

Marbella’s Castle and Old City Walls

We’re staying in Marbella Old Town for our next recommendation and taking you to the impressive old city walls and the remains of the castle, which dates back to the time when the Moors ruled over Marbella and the whole of Andalusia. They date back to the 11th and 12th centuries and originally had ten or eleven towers to defend Marbella from invaders and pirates, being used until the end of the 15th century and restored in the 18th century.

You can find these impressive walls and turrets along the following streets – Solano, Portada, Arte, Salinas, Trinidad, Carmen, Ortiz del Molinillo and Virgen de los Dolores. Following the walls and looking out for the towers is a great way to explore the Old Town and appreciate the history of this beautiful town.

A great Instagram location has to be the enormous walls opposite the Incarnation church, as you have the church, the square and the imposing and well restored walls, so you’re spoilt for choice. We love the contrast between the white walls, with pretty pots filled with flowers and then the imposing castle walls behind them. Walking up the steps from Calle Trinidad, with the old walls alongside you, also makes for a great picture.

Parque de la Alameda

The Alameda Park is a shady, tree filled sanctuary, which connects the Old Town and the Avenida del Mar, which leads you down to the sea. With benches, fountains and lush vegetation, it’s a great place to escape the heat and rest and relax. It also makes a stunning backdrop for an awesome Instagram post. The dappled light, is really interesting and there are some lovely little secluded corners to take some great shots. It often has things going on there too, like a Santa’s Grotto in December, book fairs and markets.

Just beyond there is the Avenida del Mar, with the sea in the background and 10 stunning bronze sculptures by Salvador Dali. There are some great pictures to be taken here too!

Puerto Banús

Moving away from Old Town Marbella now, we recommend exploring Puerto Banus for a very different set of Instagram posts. You can even take the catamaran ferry, which connects Marbella to Puerto Banus and get some fantastic snaps along the way.

Puerto Banus is Instagram gold! The port itself is really beautiful, with white washed buildings clustered around a marina, full of incredible yachts and power boats. It’s the playground of the rich and famous, so you’ll also find amazing supercars parked up, close to enormous and glamourous boats – perfect Instagram material!

It’s also designer shopping paradise, with boutiques from some of the world’s top designers and a picture of you popping out of Dior or Gucci with bags on your arm is sure to impress. A drink at the legendary Sinatra Bar offers some great photo opportunities too and a chance to rest weary feet.

When you’re rested, walk round the port to the viewing point Mirador del Muelle de Honor, for some fantastic shots out to sea and back to the beautiful port itself.

You’ll be spoilt for choice, day or night for stunning pictures from Puerto Banus and with our Puerto Banus vacation rentals you could be at the heart of all the action for your next holiday.

Sunset on the beach

Sunsets in Marbella are something else. The sky is a work of art, the light is beautiful and looking out to sea while the sun goes down is a wonderful thing to do. It’s also a perfect time to take pictures for Instagram. Whether you’re sitting on the sand, or sipping a sundowner in a beach bar, get that phone out and get snapping!

Check out our guide to the best places to watch the sunset in Marbella for more inspiration.

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