Luna Pesca

Oscar with an experience of over 20 years fishing both in the Mediterranean and in many parts of the world (Miami, Senegal, Mauritius, Canary Islands, Mexico, Bahamas, etc)

Malaga Area Marbella started in 1996 with the charter company LUNAPESCA my property and to this day still in January 2018 been offering this service for sport fishing in Marbella Malaga all passionate about the sport.

I started with the boat LUNA 1 a small fishing boat and to this day I have the LUNA 9 a great boat to enjoy fishing and sea very confident and very well equipped (Rodman 12,50 R) last model manufactured this prestigious brand.

With these boats have spent thousands of hours at sea, I managed to find the best fishing spots in the area, I won some championships fishing and I caught some of the biggest examples of the Mediterranean

Many people and clients ask me if fishing is lucky:

No fishing is going to spend the day, and forget the extres that generates our lives to this day enjoy everything around us, both sea, friends, nature etc and if we unite to prepare good baits, good fishing equipment and great faith achieve one or several good catches without hesitation.

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