5 Tips for doing a wine tour in Ronda

Here are 5 Tips For Doing a Wine Tour In Ronda from our Vacation Marbella Team: Do your research, Take an organised tour.. Read the full list here.

Ronda is just an hour’s drive from the vibrant town of Marbella, up a fabulous mountain road with breath-taking scenery. Ronda is well known for it’s natural beauty, so don’t forget your camera – there are stunning views wherever you turn and the dramatic iconic gorge and bridge is incredible. It is the home of modern bullfighting and has an interesting bullfighting museum which is very well worth a visit. Although it’s not far from the coast, Ronda feels like a world away, so if you’re spending a holiday in Marbella, this is the perfect day trip!

Ronda is also a mecca for gastrotourism, due to the Serranía de Ronda Wine Route. This route includes 18 wineries in the districts of Ronda and Arriate which you can visit, take tours, enjoy tastings and more. The area has a long and rich winemaking history and a visit to these bodegas gives you a real insight into this part of Spain, not to mention the chance to try some amazing wines.

To help you to enjoy the amazing wines and vineyards of Ronda, here are five tips from the Vacation Marbella team.

1. Do your research

If you want to experience the wine route yourself and plan your route without a guide, here are a few good resources for you.

  • Spain.Info – Has a page all about the route with the names and contact details of all the wineries in English and you can click through and learn about each one and visit their websites.
  • Website www.ruta-vinos-ronda.com is also an excellent resource. As well as listing all the vineyards, there are also a number of wine experiences which you can buy online. This is in Spanish, but Google translate should help you to navigate around.
  • TripAdvisor also has a good section on all the wineries and vineyards in Ronda, with them ranked in order of preference from their reviewers, which could help you make your choice where to go.

2. Start with a visit the Ronda Wine Information Centre

To start your trip right, we recommend a visit to this wine museum which is in one of the most beautiful houses in Ronda’s Old Town. There are 12 rooms explaining different aspects of wine making, the history, the process of growing the grapes, making and bottling the wine. They also do tastings and guided visits of the museum from 5€ per person. Find out more on the website. Another great place to visit while you are in Ronda is the Tourist Office on Paseo de Blas Infante, where you can get maps, further information about tours and even assistance with bookings.

3. Limit yourself to 2-3 bodegas in a day

The vineyards and wine cellars are stunning and visiting a few different ones is a great way to explore the countryside, see some different places and of course try the different wines. However, don’t try and pack in too many in one day, or you will get tired and it can seem repetitive. So when you’re doing your research, look at bodegas that are doing different things, or producing different kinds of wine, check the distance between them and how long any tour or experience so you can plan the perfect day.

4. Stop to enjoy some traditional food

Ronda has great food, which is very different to the food you get down in Marbella. This is rich, hearty, mountain food, with big portions and strong flavours. Look out for stews, braised oxtail (rabo de toro) wild boar (jabali) and partridge stew (perdiz). A three course menu del día (set lunch) will line your stomach ready for the next vineyard.

5. Take an organised tour

It is almost impossible to get around the vineyards in Ronda without a car, but you do not want to drink and drive, so how can you do it? With an organised tour of course! There are plenty of companies who will pick you up from your holiday rental in Marbella, take you up to the best bodegas and give you a chance to sightsee too.

We can help you book a great wine tour, with transport, a winery visit, wine tasting and lunch, so you don’t have to worry about the planning, finding the place or driving, and you can just enjoy the experience. Contact us to organise your wine tour and book your perfect vacation rental in Marbella.



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