5 Michelin-starred restaurants in Marbella you must taste

No matter your culinary preferences, a visit to one of these Michelin-starred restaurants in Marbella is a must during your stay. Don’t miss them.

It is no secret that Marbella is a culinary hub in Southern Spain, with the Golden Mile and exclusive hotels and resorts, you would expect no less from the cuisine than the very best to cater for the upmarket clientele that both live and flock to this trendy, vibrant coastal city. In this article, we will talk about the best of the best of cuisine on offer, from modern twists on Andalusian classics to Japanese and fusion gastronomy, in a list of the top 5 Michelin-starred restaurants in Marbella.

Be prepared to experience local produce at its very best, freshly-caught seafood, and meats from carefully-sourced local providers and enjoy Marbella’s finest culinary offerings.

1.   Lobito de Mar

  • Address: Carretera de Cádiz, Marbella, 29602

Lobito De Mar is a restaurant situated on Marbella’s Golden Mile by Dani Garcia with the concept of being a “chiringuito” or beachside restaurant away from the sea. Here you’ll find classic seafood dishes such as razor clams, Galician octopus, mussels from the local waters and rice dishes. This restaurant is by Dani Garcia, a distinguished chef with several Michelin-starred restaurants in Madrid and Malaga. An Andalusian native and winner of 2 Michelin stars, he shows off the best of local, fresh seafood with flair, and the restaurant boasts a dedicated tuna menu, with a wide range of red tuna from Barbate that will be sure to make your mouth water.

2.   El Lago

  • Address: Marco Polo, Marbella, 29604

 El Lago is a top-quality, one-Michelin-star restaurant in the stunning surrounds of the Greenlife Golf golf course, in front of an artificial lake to ensure a relaxed ambience and harmony with the surrounding landscape. The kitchen serves modern, creative cuisine from the talented local chef, Fernando Vilasclaras. The type of cuisine is seasonal and modern Andalusian cuisine, and designed to stimulate your senses and use the best of local produce with a Km 0 policy and close collaborations with local producers. There are two tasting menus with a conscious, environmentally-friendly focus: Sazón, with various meat dishes, and Terrá, an innovative, vegetarian menu. For a more casual dining experience, at Midday the restaurant offers casual dining without sacrificing the essence of the restaurant. The star dishes of this restaurant feature retinta beef, originating from a breed of cattle found in Southern Spain, and of course, freshly-caught local seafood.

3.   TA-KUMI

  • Address: Gregorio Marañón 4, Marbella, 29602

Japanese cuisine has always been popular in Spain, and Ta-Kumi is led by a team of Japanese chefs creating dishes from their homeland using the best ingredients available. Ta-Kumi means “craftsman” and “teacher”, which perfectly sums up the ethos of this one-Michelin-starred restaurant. The sushi and sashimi dishes are highly-recommended, and the restaurant serves up melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu beef, teppen-yaki and sukiyaki style meat dishes and freshly caught seafood from the Andalusian coastline.

4.   Skina

  • Address: Aduar, 12, 29601 Marbella

Situated in the heart of the historic centre, you’ll find the discreet Skina, a restaurant created by the sommelier Marcos Granda, who brings his passion for wines to the table, paired with avant-garde Andalusian cuisine. The restaurant offers three menus, each as stunning as the next, including an À la carte menu. Dishes are made with olive oil hailing from Jaen, the capital of “liquid gold” in the world. You will find seasonal dishes featuring the local catch such as succulent scallops served with gazpacho and steamed pil-pil sea bass served with cauliflower. For those who prefer meat, the restaurant boasts prime Wagyu beef that will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

5.   Messina

  • Address: Severo Ochoa 12, Marbella, 29603

 Messina is situated close to Bajadilla beach and the historic quarter of Marbella, led by Mauricio Giovanini in the kitchen. The Argentinian chef brings his vibrant personality to the Mediterranean gastronomy, through a simple, yet flavourful menu, always cooked with love. Together with his wife, Pia Ninci, who is the head sommelier, you can enjoy the perfect pairing of wine and Spanish cuisine. The secret of the sumptuous dishes lie in stock, and the head chef specializes in creating dishes with rich, flavourful stocks and sauces. The seasonal menu varies, however, it is well worth trying traditional Andalusian dishes such as kid goat served with chickpeas and mint, or Lebanese lobster tartar.

In conclusion, Marbella’s dining scene is thriving and full of Michelin-starred restaurants that showcase local and international cuisine. From fresh seafood and modern Andalusian cuisine at Lobito de Mar to creative dishes at El Lago and traditional Japanese cuisine at Ta-Kumi, there’s something for everyone. No matter your culinary preferences, a visit to one of these restaurants is a must during your stay in Marbella.



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