7 Fabulous Things to do in Marbella

This place remains one of the most stunning additions to your itinerary. Check here are the 7 fabulous things that you can do while you are in Marbella

Your visit to Costa del Sol remains incomplete without stepping foot on Marbella, in spite of so many of them mistakenly branding the place as expensive or as the “concrete nightmare of Costa del Sol”. We will tell you – on the contrary— that this place remains one of the most stunning additions to your itinerary. Documented below are the 7 fabulous things that you can do while you are in Marbella.


  1. Paseo Maritimo deserves your time and attention

 Head straight away, to Paseo Maritimo in a bid to immerse yourself in the quintessential hang-up free coastal ambience. Paseo Maritimo remains a beachside promenade which offers you the stunning views of the beach sunsets. Today this particular promenade has been entirely joined up by means of a wonderful wooden boardwalk. So your time at Marbella is basically largely about soaking up its frill-free ambience, watching the spectacular sunset and the overall view and enjoying a stroll right from Marbella to Puerto Banus or a few miles farther to San Pedro. An efficient way to know the Spanish crowd better would be to visit a paseo on a Sunday when all the Spanish people come out to revel in togetherness!

  1. Time to respond to the beach call

 Explore the beach. But of course! Irrespective of what time of the year it is, your trip to Marbella is incomplete if you are not exactly heading to the beach. If you are willing to get intimate with the quintessential beach vibes then you must be ready to explore the Costa de Sol beaches that can be found just at 10-minute drive to the east of Marbella in the Cabopina area.

  1. La Almeda Park: For some

 It’s time to explore the antique! It’s time to explore Marbella’s Old Town down south! Parque la Alameda is your access to a splendid central fountain adorned in traditional Andalucian tiles, happening beaches and the interesting tropical plants. This particular park is a rage among locals and tourists alike. They accommodate great photo clicking opportunities.

  1. The Bonsai Museum

 If you are in Marbella the Bonsai Museum is definitely the place to be! It presents a stark contrast to the general hurly and burly that Marbella is so commonly associated with. This is one is your access to the treasure trove of a valuable species of plant. Located in Parque de la Represa, The Bonsai Museum is often touted as one of the finest of its kind found in Europe. It makes for a great relaxation spot for your family as well.

  1. Old Town Glory

 Marbella’s Old town is once again your access to picturesque access to antique architecture, boutique shops, maze of narrow cobbled streets, bars and eateries and art galleries. It has been largely opined that Old Town is more of a separate village in Marbella. Go on to discover Orange Square brimming with Nature’s wonders like trees and tropical plants. With the intimate cafes, gourmet and interesting nooks and crannies around, you do know that you will have plenty to explore!

  1. A pulsating shopping scene awaits your presence!

 Shop till you drop. Yes! Marbella is not only about cozying up in cafeterias or discovering cobbled streets and watching sunsets at the beach. You have plenty of opportunities to explore its shopping scene as well. When in Marbella, look out for the revered brands like Mango, Desigual, Versace, Dior, Chopard and Dolce & Gabbana. For more casual shopping experience explore nearby cities like Fuengirola and Malaga and you are sorted! Make sure that if you are a shopaholic you are making an effort to unravel its shopping scene without fail. You do have a lot to explore – so do not miss out any cost.

  1. Explore Morocco: Find out how!

How about planning a day trip to Morocco via Gibraltar? You know that Morocco is a vastly different world for you if you are an European! If you are in Marbella you can easily book a day trip and literally fly your way to another continent. Transcending the crystal clear Mediterranean Seas, you know that you have got your passport to a whole new world of traditions, tastes, sounds and faiths. Marbella’s strategic position actually allows you to experience this entirely different milieu. It may not be that easy if you are placed in a different part of Europe in that case.

Wrapping up…


Let us tell you that there is actually a lot to do in this fun place. There is no end to exploring its vibrant Spanish scene. Thanks to the endless avenues that it presents to its tourists, Marbella has actually gone to assume the shape of a hidden gem which is well on its way to gain unprecedented popularity in the years to come!

What are you waiting for? If Marbella is still not in your bucket list, make sure you are including it right away! Those Instagram-worthy pictures of this gem will tell you that we are not exaggerating when we are actually pitting this one against the most popular tourist destinations in Europe or in the entire world.

Travel far and wide! Travel to your heart’s content!

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