Costa del Sol Route, beyond the golfing coast

A trip to Costa del Sol is very Exciting! You can see the nice beach and also picture-perfect sceneries. The tour will take you to many beautiful places.

This southern region in Spain is known for its great golf clubs and courses. In addition to these sceneries, there are also really nice beaches where you can hang with family and friends. But this region has more to offer, and this holiday season will be the perfect time for you to discover them.

In this first stop of the route through Costa del Sol we will start from Nerja. This town is a quiet village, perfect for couples and those who want to run away from the noisy cities to have more privacy for their touristic plans. It is still one of the virgin places in this coast because the influx of the masses has not damaged this blissful surrounding. Among the activities you can do here is hiking to the top of Balcón de Europa, which is a building at the end of a big avenue that ends in a big round square with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. It has been said that Alfonso XII named this place after visiting it, and although there are some doubts on the truth of this fact, this fortress has been known with this name since then. If you are more nature adventurous you can also check out the Cuevas de Nerja, a stalagmites and stalactites cave and impress yourself with the great acoustics of this spot.

Then, the tour along the coast continues in Playa del Cañuelo. It is hidden near the bottom of the Maroc cliffs and it is known for being the best beach on Costa del Sol. Its sand turns out to be grayish, and the water of the sea incredibly clear, blue just like the sky. Is so transparent that you will see little fishes swimming around you, a perfect place to explore with kids who want to live nature very closely. Also a very good plan recommended for those who just want to spend a whole beachy, sandy and sunny day.

The route through Costa del Sol continues towards Málaga. Most of the people who have visited it have done it just by stepping into the airport to take a connecting flight, but they are missing a nice touristic place in the coast. Málaga is a city full of Andalucía insight, it’s small and all its main attractions are just around the corner from each other, close to the seaside. Best places to visit there are the Roman amphitheater, the palatial fortification of Alcazaba, and the Picasso Museum, one of Marbella’s tourists’ favorites. The later is a tribute to the city’s most famous resident.

Then, at the northern part of Malaga, we will find the most exciting and at the same time scariest walk in the whole world. The Caminito del Rey, was recently opened to the public and you can go through a narrow defile. This walk has an extension of four kilometers of more than 100 meters high. If you are afraid of heights we recommend that you try the view from the town of El Chorro in Álora, close to a dam over the Guadalhorce River. If you like hiking, this is the place for you. The walls are a perfect challenge for a sport you might love to overcome any physical and mental obstacles.

After experiencing this extreme walks, you can take your trip down to Mijas. A very historical town with a traditional and pretty downtown you can visit, as well as several museums if you are interested in the town history or Spanish curiosities. One striking landmark here is the Virgen de la Peña Chapel, a tiny chapel built to honor the Virgin Mary. Housed in a cave on the side of a mountain with glorious views over the Costa del Sol.It is beautifully kept and the gold pews invite quiet prayer and reflection.There is a small display of religious items, some of which are richly embroidered with gold threads. It is the perfect place to light a candle for quiet reflection at a time of day when the coach-loads of tourists have gone.

On the way back to Marbella ,Benahavis is a very beautiful town in part of the Marbella hill which has really amazing views. You must walk down the hill from the main part of the village and discover the Tower Park. This town is blessed with a natural reserve area where you can see all kinds of wildlife. The mountain stream has waterfalls and a beautiful rock pool where you can swim and see terrapins, very good trip to enjoy with your kids this season. Very close to this town you will find.

The last part of this trip takes us to Algeciras, a bigger town where the deep blue sky merges with the deep sea in the magical beach of El Rinconcillo. This beach is highly recommended for surfers and kite-surfers, so if you are one of them start thinking about visiting this beach soon. Algeciras has a small Archeological Park of the Murallas Merinies that you might find very well lightned during the nighttime. It is located in a central area of the city, next to lots of shops and tapas bars in Calle Alfonso XI. Don’t forget to visit Plaza Alta, which is the main square in Algeciras, full of bars, restaurants and shops that you can get a drink into.

We invite you to choose any of these options and visit the wonderful Costa del Sol Route. We will assist your vacation plan, including the accommodation and advice on any other travel requirements you might need before visiting this coast of Spain, such as the car rentals, among others. Every single place you visit is full of history and nature, you will be able to create your own vacation story and memories that will last forever. Come and experience it yourself, we will be always here to help you plan your next trip to Marbella.



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