Living and working in Spain: a complete guide

Always wanted to live and work in Spain? Enjoy the Spanish lifestyle and discover a country with everything to offer thanks to our complete guide.

Always wanted to live and work in Spain? As the Spanish government announces the Startup Act, you can make your dream of living and working in Spain as a digital nomad come true.

You may be wondering if it is still possible to move to Spain after Brexit if you are a UK passport holder, and we are here to say, yes!

Anyone can enjoy the Spanish lifestyle and discover a country with everything to offer: culture, excellent quality of life, sunshine, beaches and so much more.

Spain: a place to live in… and work

Spain is one of the top countries for digital nomads where countless remote workers have flocked in recent years due to the many benefits: excellent healthcare, affordable living costs and high quality of life.

There are many reasons why so many nomads are drawn to the country. Now, with the Government’s announcement of a new digital nomad visa to “attract and retain international and national talents by helping remote workers and digital nomads set up in Spain,” according to Economic Affairs Minister Nadia Calviño, this will make working in Spain cheaper and more accessible, and the endless possibilities will attract even more remote workers, drawn to its fantastic location in Europe.

Why live in Spain? Main attractions

Excellent Climate

Spain boasts over 320 days of sunshine a year, making it the sunniest country in Europe. According to the HSBC Expat Explorer survey, good weather was listed as a major factor for people to move to Spain, with 39% of respondents saying that this was a determining factor for their decision.

The climate enables a vibrant social life and more opportunities to enjoy the wonderful beaches and the outdoors. The warm weather even into the winter months makes it the ideal location to work if you’re looking to cut down on ever-increasing energy costs and escape the cold winter.

High quality of life

Spain is ranked as the 14th best country in Europe for ex-pats by the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey due to the quality of life.

Rated as a great country for work-life balance, you can enjoy your leisure time exploring the country, making the most of the good weather, socialising or just enjoying some time at the beach or in the outdoors. Spanish workers enjoy around 36 days off a year, allowing time for disconnection from work and lower stress levels.

The Spanish Culture

Living in Spain means that you can learn more about this fascinating country which has been shaped by its diverse culture.

The country is steeped in history. From the Tartessus, Romans, and Moors to the modern-day influx of people from different origins and backgrounds, Spain is an ideal country to explore and experience the wonders it has to offer.

Why work in Spain? Benefits of working in Spain

The best internet speeds in the European Union

Spain is an attractive option for remote workers as it has some of the best internet speeds in Europe, coming in just behind Monaco and Denmark.

This means that you don’t have to worry about unreliable internet connections and can work efficiently from wherever you are.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is one of the major factors when deciding where you want to live and work.

The average cost of living in Spain is cheaper than many other EU countries in terms of groceries, socializing and property rentals etc.


Living and working from Spain will entitle you to free access to an excellent healthcare system once you’re registered with a social security number and a NIE identification card.

Healthcare provision in Spain received an 8.4 out of 10 rating for OECD satisfaction levels and with an average lifespan in Spain is 83.2 years, the Spanish lifestyle has been shown to contribute to good health.

A combination of the Mediterranean diet, sunshine, and a relaxed lifestyle are also contributing factors to a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking for private healthcare as well, there are plenty of affordable health insurance providers.

Things you should consider if you plan to live in Spain

  • Deciding where you want to live –the cost of living varies from city to city
  • Preparing a budget in line with the cost of living
  • Applying for residency (NIE) and health insurance
  • Opening a bank account in Spain
  • Learning some Spanish – though many ex-pats move to the city, you may find that many Spaniards do not speak English and learning the language will help you

 Things you should consider if you plan to work from Spain

  • If you plan to work for more than a year from our country, you must get your digital nomad visa.
  • Tax conditions for working in Spain (for self-employed or international workers)



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