Mini golf in Marbella: where to play golf with children

Playing mini golf with children is an excellent idea of ​​entertainment for your vacation and Marbella an its surroundings offers you a wide range of places to practice.

Playing mini golf with children is an excellent idea of ​​entertainment for your vacation. Mini golf offers a fun and exciting environment for children. Colourful obstacles, fun themes, and intriguing tracks will keep them entertained and motivated throughout the game.

In addition, miniature golf is easier than traditional golf, which makes it more accessible for children. It doesn’t require a full set of golf skills and the rules are less complicated. Children can quickly learn how to hit the ball and navigate the obstacles.

Playing mini-golf helps children develop and improve their motor skills. They will have to measure distances, adjust force and coordinate movements to hit the ball accurately. This contributes to the development of their hand-eye coordination and general physical dexterity.

Mini golf is a social activity that can be played in small groups. Children can participate in teams or compete individually in a friendly way. This encourages teamwork, collaboration and healthy competition, while they learn to respect the rules and celebrate each other’s successes.

It gives children the opportunity to face challenges and obstacles. If you didn’t get the desired result, learn to manage your frustration and find solutions. This teaches them important skills of resilience and perseverance.

Playing mini golf is a great excuse for kids to spend time outdoors. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy the sun, fresh air and nature while having fun. In addition, being outdoors has benefits for children’s physical and mental health.

Where to play mini golf in Marbella and surroundings?

Marbella is a very popular family tourist destination and offers an excellent selection of mini golf courses adapted for children. You can be sure that your children will have an experience full of fun and entertainment while they enjoy the game in this beautiful place on the Costa del Sol.

In Marbella, you will find several options to play mini golf. In our article, we mention some of the most popular places where you can enjoy this activity:

1. Quizy Golf Marbella:

Quizygolf is a Minigolf designed and built with the competition of the best Spanish professionals in the sector TEMATECH SL, a start-up from Malaga, has relied on DAVID THEMING WORKS, designers of amusement courses and “BEST GARDEN SL” leading company in the installation of Putting Greens to develop a minigolf course with optimal playing sensations. 15 holes, 9 outdoors and 6 indoors. Fun for all the family!

Location: C.C. Plaza del Mar Promenade of Marbella. Calle Camilo José Cela s/n C.P. 29602

2. Mini Golf Divernostrum

In the Parque Comercial Málaga Nostrum in the city of Malaga, there is an original mini golf course with a unique feature: it glows in the dark! Divernostrum offers a space of 9 tracks full of themed obstacles inspired by the sea. Players will be able to hit golf balls through figures such as octopuses, sharks, turtles and much more.

This miniature golf is part of Divernostrum, a leisure centre that offers a variety of complementary services. In addition to enjoying miniature golf, visitors can enjoy a bowling alley, a playground, an arcade, go-karts, a cafeteria, and pool tables. This wide range of entertainment guarantees a fun and complete experience for the whole family.

Location: Parque Comercial Málaga Nostrum (Calle Jaén, Nº1, Local 3, 29004 Málaga)

3. Fuengirola Adventure Golf

Fuengirola Adventure Golf offers a unique experience in which a special element stands out: water interacts in 10 of the 19 holes of the course. In this minigolf, in addition to enjoying the game, visitors have the option of eating and having a drink before, during or after the game. The complex has designed offers adapted for those who wish to combine the experience of playing mini golf with lunch or dinner, and even for parties and groups.

The games usually last between 45 and 60 minutes, although this can vary depending on the number of players and the ability of each one. On the other hand, this space allows users to bring their own mini golf equipment.

Location: River Park, 29640 Fuengirola, Malaga

4. Happy Days Mini Golf

Mini Golf Park Happy Days is a large space of more than 2,000 m2 that offers an exciting experience of mini golf. This park has 18 themed holes that represent some of the most iconic monuments in the world, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Danish Little Mermaid and the Tower of Pisa. Players will be able to enjoy a fun ride as they explore these famous landmarks.

In addition to the mini golf circuit, Mini Golf Park Happy Days offers a variety of complementary services and activities. Visitors can relax and enjoy themselves at the bar or ice cream parlour, or take part in a game of bowling. There are also exciting options like the safari train, battery-powered scooters, billiards and a ping pong table. These additional options ensure that there is something for all tastes and ages, ensuring a well-rounded and entertaining experience at this park.

Location: Paseo Marítimo Bajondillo, 29 (402.96 km) 29620 Torremolinos-Málaga

5. Blue Kiwi Mini Golf

Located in the charming town of Benalmádena, this exciting 12-hole mini golf course is perfect for the whole family to enjoy to the fullest. The course layout is designed to provide fun and entertainment for players of all ages and abilities.

In addition to the gaming experience itself, this place has a bar on its premises. After a game full of fun and competition, you can recharge and relax in the cozy bar. Whether it is to enjoy a refreshing drink or to enjoy a delicious appetizer, the bar offers an ideal space to relax and share pleasant moments after a game of mini golf.

Blue Kiwi offers a complete mini golf experience, combining fun, entertainment and the option of enjoying a well-deserved rest at its bar. There is no doubt that both children and adults will enjoy an unforgettable time in this charming place.

Location: Avenida Antonio Machado, 76, 29630 Benalmádena

Do not hesitate to carry out this activity with the smallest members of the family, it is a fantastic idea. Remember that the most important thing is that children have fun and enjoy the game. Golf can teach skills such as concentration, patience, respect and discipline, as well as provide time in the fresh air and physical exercise, and in Marbella, you will find the perfect place to do it!



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