Romantic restaurants in Marbella to enjoy your date

Don't miss this selection of some of the most charming romantic restaurants in Marbella and enjoy a memorable date.

Marbella, a jewel of the Costa del Sol, is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and lively marina. It is also a culinary paradise that is home to an impressive array of restaurants offering high quality dining experiences.

If you are considering a destination for a romantic getaway, don’t miss this selection of some of the most charming romantic restaurants in Marbella and enjoy a memorable date. Marbella will offer you a multitude of activities to do as a couple. From luxury spa experiences, cultural events, unique sunsets on the best beaches to the best culinary experiences in award-winning restaurants.

With this backdrop, it’s no wonder that Marbella boasts an impressive array of restaurants offering high quality dining experiences ideal for couples.

1. Nota Blue

Nota Blue’s atmosphere is sophisticated yet relaxed, making it the perfect choice for a special occasion or romantic dinner. The restaurant has a modern, minimalist design, with sleek white tables and chairs, dark wood accents, and plenty of natural light. The dining room is large and airy, with high ceilings and large windows facing the street outside. The atmosphere is elegant and refined, with soft background music creating a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Nu Marbella

The atmosphere of NU Marbella is a standout feature. The restaurant has an elegant and stylish decoration. A spacious outdoor space called Magical Garden with seating under the trees to listen to the birds singing, nothing can be more romantic than listening to them with your favorite person by your side. The open kitchen adds liveliness to the romantic atmosphere, as guests can watch the chefs in action and see their meals prepared to order. After dinner, the restaurant changes its atmosphere and transforms the stage into a nightclub, which will allow you to have a fun time and close your date in the most lively way possible.

3. Cipriani Marbella

If you like Italian food, Cipriani can be a very good choice. The atmosphere at Cipriani is sophisticated and refined, with sleek, modern decor and a warm, welcoming color scheme. Large windows allow in plenty of natural light during the day, while soft lighting and candles create a romantic atmosphere at night. There’s a lively buzz in the restaurant, but it never feels crowded or overwhelming.

4. Skina

With a Michelin star, Skina offers a high-end culinary experience in a small space, ensuring an intimate experience. Their menu is based on local ingredients, and the wine list is excellent. Ideal for special occasions. Discovering the most authentic flavors of Andalusia in such a special place will be a unique experience to live as a couple.

5. Messina Restaurant

Another Michelin star awardee, Messina offers innovative dishes in an elegant yet welcoming atmosphere. Its presentation is an art in itself, and each dish is designed to delight both the palate and the eye.

  • Reservations: +34 952864895 or +34 679770062.
  • To find out more visit their website

6. Alba by Serafina

Alba By Serafina offers a contemporary escape within a secluded walled terrace, evoking a sense of privacy and romance. The restaurant maximizes the Spanish weather with a retractable conservatory roof and sliding doors, enabling patrons to relish cool summer evenings. A refined wine selection and diverse menu underscore the dedication of the staff and owners. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and premium ingredients, the kitchen guarantees a culinary experience that leaves diners craving more.

7. Casanis Bistrot

Casanis is a charming French bistro located in a stunning historic building in one of Marbella’s prettiest streets. You can dine outside on the pedestrian street or inside around a beautiful central patio. The menu offers French dishes with international influences, featuring starters like oysters and foie gras, and main courses such as Duck Confit and Beef Wellington. It’s an ideal spot for a romantic meal or special celebration, with a magical ambiance created by the grand old building adorned with bougainvilleas and cozy lighting.

  • Reservations: +34 952 90 04 50
  • To find out more visit their website

8. Nintai

Nintai offers an intimate and exclusive gastronomic experience, perfect for an unforgettable romantic date. With only twelve seats around an elegant wooden bar, this place immerses you in an atmosphere of serenity and silence, while the itamae skillfully prepares impeccable sushi. Seasonal premium products, the most original combinations, and special pairings with sake or champagne awaken umami, the most delicious flavor. The guarantee of an exclusive menu every time you visit, thanks to the freshness and spontaneity of daily ingredients, in perfect harmony with the chef’s criteria, brings you the excitement of being surprised while enjoying culinary excellence. At Nintai, the master’s improvisation is combined with meticulous planning, offering the perfect balance between surprise and guaranteed success for an unforgettable romantic evening.

  • You can make a reservation and view their full menu by visiting their website.

9. Leña Marbella

Leña Marbella is another exceptional destination to enjoy with your partner. This restaurant deviates from the conventional to offer a unique culinary experience. It stands out for its impeccable handling of ingredients, cooked on the grill in an honest and respectful manner. However, it goes a step further by incorporating a cosmopolitan touch thanks to the chef’s influence, who has drawn inspiration from his travels around the world. It is the perfect place for a romantic evening, where you can indulge in authentic flavors and a cozy atmosphere.

10. El grill de Marbella Club

The Grill at Marbella Club is a perfect choice for a meal as a couple. Here, the grill master follows in the footsteps of his father, Roque, to offer recipes that have endured over the years and come to life amidst the crackling of the fire. The legendary silverware, the flicker of candles with decades of history on the outdoor terrace, and the swaying of majestic pine trees complement the exquisite and captivating cuisine. With a dress code of smart casual elegance, it is suggested to avoid shorts or jeans to maintain the sophisticated ambiance.

Marbella is the perfect compendium of nature, luxury, culture and gastronomy, making it the ideal destination for those looking to create unforgettable romantic memories. Whether you celebrate an anniversary, a honeymoon or simply want to surprise your partner, this city promises moments that you will keep in your heart forever.




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