The Ultimate 5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Marbella

Check here the places that have been rated by locals and tourists alike that ranked as the ultimate list of best seafood restaurants in Marbella

It comes as no surprise that fish and other surprises from the sea can be had when you live in a coastal area. Such is life in this part of Costa del Sol. Having a diet rich in seafood is a staple in Marbella. In the last several years, we have seen numerous locales and big-name restaurants opening here that specialize in seafood. You can see them along the harbor of Puerto Banus down to the watering holes in alleys. 

If you are a tourist or you have been living here in Marbella, any time of the year is the best time to have fish as part of your daily fare. Why so? Studies have proven that people who intake fish as part of their daily diet have a 10 percent reduction in cardiovascular disease mortality alone. How mindblowing is that?! This 16-year study about including fish in your diet has already been published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, a circular for studies in the medical field. Without further delay, the following have been rated by locals and tourists alike that ranked as the ultimate list of best seafood restaurants in Marbella.

La Ola – Playa de Fontanilla, Marbella 

This specialty restaurant is known for their salads, especially the salmon salad. They serve a wide variety of seafood, Mediterranean, Vegan, and Gluten-free options. Many consider this the best also because of its location: along the beach! Imagine enjoying the sunny days while lounging on sunbeds, and partaking on amazing cuisine! If there is one seafood place to try while visiting Marbella, make sure you try this one out. The price point is perfect for its location and it is also kid-friendly. 

Restaurant El Ancla – San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella 

If Andalusian cuisine is what you are after in this beautiful part of Costa del Sol, definitely include a lunch or dinner in this hot spot! The view here is spectacular and the interiors are definitely IG-worthy! Imagine being able to breathe in the sea breeze while enjoying the day’s catch while you are surrounded by your friends and family. This restaurant is part of the El Ancla Beach Club and you shouldn’t be surprised if you are sitting next to a local or Hollywood celebrity! They specialize in grilled seafood, baby octopus, and whitebait in zesty lemon. Guests of this restaurant rave about them having the best table service and just a tip; their terrace is the perfect place to ask your special someone to marry them! Reservations are always welcomed. 

La Habana Lounge – Edificio Muelle Levante,  Puerto Banus, Marbella

If local cuisine is something your appetite is looking for, then head on down this superb restaurant. They are best known for their lobster paella, pil pil, and an impressive choice of wines to pair with all the seafood your stomach can handle! Guests of this restaurant are all praises for their awesome service and friendly servers and hosts. Also, the owner is known for her homemade tiramisu that it has become a tradition to always order it to end your meal! Prices are very reasonable and everything is served with a smile. 

Bar Altamirano – Plaza Altamirano, Marbella

This seafood and tapas bar is located in Old Town Marbella so when you make the drive there, make sure to try this out. It is a must-visit for tourists and locals alike! As a tip, order this for a starter: boquerones en vinagre. It is touted to be the best in the world according to people who have traveled the world over. This place has a definite friendly vibe and you can feel at home and jive with locals here as it is a known tapas bar as well. People have never complained about service and it is even regarded as a “fast service restaurant” by some goers.  It is a no-frills place to eat when you want something fast but delightful. 

Sea Grill – Bulevar Principe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, Marbella

If exclusive dining to feel the luxury of living in Marbella is what you are after, then consider this seafood restaurant. The interior decor is designed by Andrew Martin, the acclaimed British Interior Designer. This restaurant is part of the Puente Romano Beach Resort – Marbella, so you can imagine that you will be combining the full beach experience with exquisite seafood cuisine… To complete the gastronomic experience, their glass-walled wine cellar showcases an extensive display of rare and international wines for one to enjoy. It also boasts of its very own “tandoor oven” and charcoal grill that serves Indian cuisine as well. While dining, you get impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea, which makes any meal very special. It is one restaurant to have a romantic lunch or dinner with your loved one, family, or friends. They are known to serve fresh salmon, clams, oysters, and mussels each day. Reservations are advised and best wear is also appreciated.

So there you have it, we have listed down here what tourists and locals call the ultimate 5 best seafood restaurants that one can dine in while in Marbella. For any of these restaurants, a quick call is always best to ask what special they serve each day or if reservations are already full.

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