7 vegan restaurants in Marbella that you will enjoy

We will look at some of the best vegan restaurants in Marbella, from budget-friendly dining to haute-cuisine restaurants, ensuring that vegans can enjoy.

Spain is renowned for its varied cuisine, which is famed for seafood and meat, however, in the last ten years, Spain has been embracing vegan cuisine. Where once upon a time, vegans had to resign themselves to a sad lettuce salad with some tomatoes, nowadays, vegan restaurants are part of the thriving culinary scene in Marbella.

In this article, we will look at some of the best vegan restaurants in Marbella, from budget-friendly dining to haute-cuisine restaurants, ensuring that vegans can enjoy some of the freshest, tastiest produce of the Costa del Sol.

The Farmacy, Marbella

If you love healthy vegan cuisine and yoga, The Farmacy, Marbella is the perfect dining spot for you. Situated in the city centre with a chilled-out terrace, you can enjoy 100% vegan cuisine that also caters to celiacs. The whole menu is wheat-free! The Farmacy also offers yoga classes, salsa and flamenco dance classes, vegan cookery classes and has an ethnic shop on site. For budget-conscious travellers, the Farmacy has an affordable daily menu and there are plenty of delicious options from burgers, salads to mouthwatering cakes.

Gioia Plant-Based Cuisine

For fine vegan dining, check out Gioia, a completely plant-based restaurant with creative, delicious dishes made from local, organically-sourced ingredients. One of the key attractions of this restaurant is its raw food menu. The head chef has diplomas in raw food cookery and has worked in many countries around the world, including Sweden, India, Italy and Norway. Enjoy fresh, healthy cuisine just a stone’s throw from Puerto Banus.

Manuka Marbella

A beautiful and relaxed setting is home to delicious, healthy vegan cuisine which is free from additives. Manuka Marbella uses local producers and offers a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes, including options for raw food and gluten-free dining. The ethos of the restaurant is to create lively, exciting dishes with a small carbon footprint, and they promise that vegan and vegetarian dishes will be far from boring!

Rachel’s Eco Love

Rachel’s Eco Love has a relaxed feel and is a great place for breakfast you’ll want to wake up to, delicious brunch or a healthy and organic lunch. Here on the sunny terrace, you’ll feel as if time has stood still, and you can enjoy a relaxing coffee and cake or the fruits of the harvest from their very own vegetable garden, transformed into delicious dishes such as aubergines with yoghurt sauce and pomegranates, the wake-up salad and other organic delights.


Dezentral is the pioneering organic coffee shop and restaurant in Marbella is a firm favourite amongst Marbella’s restaurants and has been recently refurbished to reopen it’s doors after a period of closure. Here, you’ll find satiating and innovative dishes and excellent customer service, the waiters are charming and friendly and able to speak different languages, making it an ideal dining spot for tourists, expats and locals alike. Best of all, the restaurant is dog-friendly, so your furry friend will feel welcome with a bowl of water and dog treats.

Il Cantuccio

If you’re looking for a taste of Mediterranean cuisine with delectable dishes, Il Cantuccio is the restaurant for you. Situated in the city centre, this restaurant has many flavourful dishes with an Italian touch. There are some dishes that do offer meat, but the main focus of this restaurant is organic vegetables and fresh pasta. This restaurant is not only delicious but also eco-friendly and will bring a taste of Mediterranean sunshine to your plate.

Organic Market and Restaurant

For healthy vegan casual dining, Organic Market and Restaurant is a great choice, they offer everything from freshly-squeezed juices and smoothies to veggie burgers, vegan pancakes and poke bowls. There are plenty of raw food and gluten-free dishes on the menu as well. This is not strictly a vegan restaurant, so there are dishes with meat in too, this means that there’s something to suit everyone if you’re looking for a place to cater to different dietary requirements. Best of all, they have a breakfast-in-bed delivery service. For a truly unique experience, you’ll find a custom detox cleanse program with its very own nutritionist. The in-house nutritionist will design a detox of 1 to 3 days to ensure you’ll feel cleansed and rejuvenated and nourished to your core.

In conclusion, Marbella offers a wide variety of vegan options for all tastes and budgets. From the budget-friendly Farmacy, to the fine dining of Gioia and the Mediterranean flavors of Il Cantuccio, there is something for everyone.Not only are these restaurants delicious, but they also promote healthy and eco-friendly living. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, these vegan restaurants in Marbella are sure to impress.



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