Aventura Amazonia

Aventura Amazonia in Marbella ✅Challenge yourself with their 83 different activities and fly through the air on their 20 ziplines. See more details here

Reach for the skies with this epic treetop adventure, perfect for family holidays in Marbella! Aventura Amazonia is the largest adventure park in Andalucia and is ideal for families with a head for heights and kids from 4 years old and above.

There are six adventure circuits which will see you climbing, jumping, sliding and balancing in the treetops. Challenge yourself with their 83 different activities and fly through the air on their 20 ziplines – including the longest treetop zipline in Andalucia! The courses are for different ages/levels and you can choose to go on whatever you dare for a maximum of three hours.

For younger kids from 4 to 7 years old there is a Minikids course which includes a climbing wall, zipline and adventure games for the smallest members of the family. This is more like a playground, but has fun challenges, as well as workshops and forest visits. The main purpose for this zone is it acts as a crèche so you can go and enjoy the bigger course knowing the little ones are safe and happy.

Insider’s Tip – Kids at the older end of this age range may be frustrated not to be able to join you on the higher stuff, so it’s better for the 4-5 year olds than the 7 year olds. The real fun is for the over 8s!

The Kids circuit is a great introduction to the concept, with 12 easy challenges at a low height to get you used to the idea and find your head for heights. Parents can go with the kids to do this, and it is a nice gentle way in for you too!

The next level up is the Explorer circuit, which is also great fun for kids and adults alike. The average height is 2.8 meters, and has 14 fun, simple challenges. This would be the ideal family circuit, which kids and parents can enjoy, made up of walkways, bridges, balance beams and ziplines.

From here on in it’s only for the bravest youngsters and adults, with the heights increasing and the difficulty of the challenge going up too. Try the Adventure route to whizz 250 meters down their superzipline, the longest in Andalucia! However, you’ll need a good head for heights, as you’ll be over 6 meters above the ground up in the trees. Test your metal at the Sports Circuit at an average height of 9 meters. This includes the famous Tarzan’s Leap and a chance to ride a surfboard through the treetops, great fun, but this one is for adults only.

Last year they also introduced a Quick Jump activity, where you can rock climb up to a platform 12 meters in the air and then bungee jump down. This is one for the thrill seekers.

Prices and age ranges

It costs 16€ for the Minikids area and you need to reserve the place as this is a supervised activity.

Children over 6 wanting to try the kids and explorer circuits are 17€ in low season and 20€ for high season. It’s important to measure kids to set expectations, as they can only go on the explorer circuit if they are 1.25 meters or more.

Under 16s who are over 1.35 meters pay 19€ in low seas0n and 22€ in high season and can go on everything apart from the Sports circuit (although you need to be 1.45 meters to go on the Adventure circuit).

Adults tickets are 21€ high season and 24€ low season and there’s an additional 8€ cost to do the Quick Jump. If you have anyone who doesn’t want to do it in your group they have to pay a 1€ entry fee.

The treetop adventure lasts a maximum of 3 hours and you can choose what you go on and can repeat a circuit several times during the time, building you up to the higher stuff. We’d recommend this for energetic, brave kids over the age of ten, as this allows them to go on all the circuits and really enjoy the experience and testing themselves. It is perfect for teens and adventurous parents to do together. There is a bar and restaurant and also a picnic area, so you can bring your own food no problem.

Find out more on their website

Aventura Amazonia is located in Elviria around a 15 minute drive from Marbella towards Mijas Costa. This is a great area known for its wonderful beaches and we have vacation rentals in Marbella and Mijas Costa which would be ideal bases for a family holiday near to Aventura Amazonia.

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