Selwo Marina

Selwo Marina, a conservation center for dolphins, penguins and sea lions, the perfect place to spend an unforgettable family day with children! Immerse yourself in a fascinating marine world and discover the wonders of aquatic life through exciting activities and interactive learning. Here you will find interesting information about this incredible place:

Selwo Marina is located in the beautiful city of Benalmádena, on the coast of the sunny Costa del Sol, in Spain. This aquatic theme park is dedicated to the conservation and protection of various marine species, with a special focus on dolphins, penguins and sea lions.

One of the main attractions at Selwo Marina are the dolphin shows, where you can marvel at the intelligence and acrobatic skills of these beautiful marine mammals. You will be able to enjoy amazing performances that will take your breath away and teach you about the importance of conserving these species.

Penguins also have their prominent place in Selwo Marina. You will be able to observe different species of penguins in their natural habitat, learn about their behavior and discover how they adapt to extreme cold. Don’t miss your chance to see these adorable animals up close!

Another exciting activity is the encounter with the sea lions. You will be able to enjoy close interactions with these playful and curious animals. You will learn about their biology, their way of communicating and how they behave in their natural habitat.

Selwo Marina also offers educational programs for children, where they will learn about marine conservation, the importance of protecting the oceans and how they can contribute to preserving marine life. Children will have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, where they will be able to touch and feel marine species, which will allow them a unique and exciting learning experience.

In addition to the main activities, the park has exhibits of exotic birds and a wide variety of aquatic species, such as tropical fish and sea turtles. You can also enjoy recreation areas and restaurants to rest and enjoy delicious meals in a marine environment.

Selwo Marina is a place where fun, learning and conservation come together to offer families an unforgettable experience. Through its activities and exhibitions, this conservation center seeks to educate its visitors about the importance of protecting and preserving marine life.

If you visit our city with children or you like marine life, you have to visit Selwo Marina and immerse yourself in a wonderful world full of emotions, learning and fun for the whole family!

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