Selwo Aventura

Selwo Aventura ✅ Is a zoo and safari park where you can see some amazing wild animals in beautiful surroundings.Conservation and animal welfare.

Selwo is a zoo and safari park where you can see some amazing wild animals in beautiful surroundings. It is not a safari park like you’d see in the UK as you don’t take in your car. You park outside (there’s ample parking) and then go in by foot, so in that sense it is more like a zoo. However, they are very hot on conservation and animal welfare and have large enclosures which try to replicate the natural habitat as much as possible, so it’s more than your average zoo.

The park is split up into habitat zones where similar animals can live together. There’s a bird canyon, central village and lake reserve, as well as what they call Nature Gateway at the beginning with a little farm, aviary and lots of lovely animals.

There are some beautiful birds, reptiles and snakes, but the highlights are the big game animals such as the White Rhino, Angolan Giraffe, Asian Elephants and the majestic Lions.

They also have some really cool activities and exhibitions which are included in the ticket price such as a chance to meet the cheetahs, lemurs, lions, giraffes and snakes, a birds and small mammals demonstration and a biodiversity workshop. These are once a day in the different areas, check the website for the times and where to go.

You have the option to also do a safari, where you ride on trucks with a guide and they take you round all the animals. We would really recommend this as you learn a lot and have some amazing experiences such as feeding zebra and getting very close to the enormous hippos – some of the kids even got to feed one! This is extra from the ticket and you need to book a time slot to do it.

If you and the kids love animals and you don’t mind travelling a little during your trip, we’d recommend booking the three park ticket “Selwo Pack” which includes a visit to Selwo Zoo in Estepona, and their Aquarium Selwo Marina and a trip on the cable car in Benalmadena. This is 33€ per person, which is a 40% discount compared to buying the tickets separately.

Insiders’ Tip

This is a big park and there is a lot of walking to do, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes and bring some water as it can get pretty hot. If you have quite young children, we’d recommend taking a buggy, as it’s a lot for little legs.

Selwo is located close to the charming town of Estepona, with it’s wonderful wide sandy beaches, great restaurants and botanical gardens, which is a great place for a family holiday. Check out our Estepona vacation rentals to see where you could stay, or find out more about Selwo on their website.

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