Cordoba Fair

Cordoba Fair. Tapas booths, flamenco dance, drinks, disco dance... Learn about their traditions and how to enjoy them. Do not miss it!

In almost two and a half hours by car and only one hour and twenty minutes by AVE from Malaga is the smiling and Moorish city of Cordoba, one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia that during the month of May lives its most intense month celebrating all its festivities that begin the first weekend of the Crosses, followed by the Patios and culminating with the Fair.

The Cordoba Fair is held in the last week of May, in commemoration of Our Lady of Health in the Arenal area, located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, one of the largest rivers in Spain that crosses all of Andalusia. It is in the fairgrounds where horse carriages, women dressed in their gypsy costumes and flamencos gather. Unlike the April Fair in Seville, the Cordoba Fair is open and the booths that are arranged throughout the streets of the fair are public, so that all visitors have the doors open to enjoy the diversity of the booths that there are for all tastes: tapas booths, flamenco dancing, drinks or disco dancing.

The official inauguration of the Cordoba Fair takes place on Friday at midnight, the most awaited moment with the traditional lighting of the façade (and the entire fairgrounds) which is accompanied by a fireworks and music show.

One of the attractions of the fair is the food and drink. The kitchens in the booths serve typical products of Cordovan cuisine such as Salmorejo or Flamenquín as well as portions of ham or fried fish as the most popular dishes. As for the drink is especially successful known as rebujito, resulting from the mixture of Manzanilla wine with a soft drink of soda, such as Sprite or white Casera. Although the Cordoba Fair has a peculiarity in terms of wine, do not leave without trying the Fino of the Montilla-Moriles denomination.

The Cordoba Fair differs from other fairs such as Seville or Jerez in the costumes. Compared to fairs like Seville or Malaga, with the heat of May in Cordoba it is impossible to wear a jacket and tie for men, as well as women in evening dress. In this Fair the use of informal clothes is the one used in most of the cases.

As for the Cordoban hat, it is not normal nowadays to find men wearing it. Over the years, its importance has been declining in the male wardrobe, except for the riders themselves who come to the fair riding their own horses…

As in the rest of the fairs of Andalusia, the traditional bullfights in the bullring of Los Califas where the main bullfighters of the moment gather.

If you decide to visit the fair, you have all the information of the fair of Cordoba on its official website.

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