Seville April Fair

Seville April Fair. Learn a little about the culture and history of one of the most important festivals in Andalusia. Do not miss it!

The April Fair of Seville is one of the most important cultural and festive events in Andalusia, held in April, two weeks after Easter. Historians speak of its origin in the thirteenth century when Alfonso X granted permission to hold two fairs in the city, one in April and another in September on the occasion of the saint San Miguel.

The city council approved this festival definitively in 1847 and since then it has not ceased to gain importance. At first, what was sought was to create an event that encouraged trade in the city, which attracted farmers who moved to the city with their animals, but over the years it also became a great cultural event dedicated to singing, dancing and other Sevillian traditions distributed in thousands of booths full of light, music and color.

During the week of the fair, the city fills with colorful lanterns, puts on its best clothes and Sevillians and visitors are dedicated to enjoy music, food, family and friendships.

The beginning of the fair begins with the lighting of thousands of light bulbs, which is known as “lighting” of the fairgrounds and the cover of the fair, which each year is different and usually represents an emblematic monument of the city of Seville. This lighting is maintained until the end of the fair that closes with spectacular fireworks in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday.

During the fair there is a lot of dancing. The sevillanas with flamenco dresses are a typical picture of every day of the fair in any of the booths. All this accompanied by the carriage rides that pass through the fairgrounds during the day. For the most daring children and adults, the “Calle del Infierno” offers excitement and fun with its hundreds of attractions and music.

There are two types of booths. Unlike other fairs such as Malaga or Cordoba, the vast majority of the booths are private, reserved and restricted access (usually for associations, brotherhoods or families). Those with free access are mostly located on Pascual Márquez Street and are where anyone can enter to eat, drink, dance and have fun.

Another of the great tourist attractions of the April Fair are the bullfighting shows that have been linked to the celebration of the fair since 1847. Starting on Easter Sunday, two weeks before the fair, the bullfighting season begins in the bullring of the Real Maestranza de Caballería. The posters of the bullfighting season are made by artists of recognized prestige and world class.

Now you know, if you want to enjoy the most colorful festival in the world, you have the chance to do so. In little more than two hours you will be in Sevilla de Marbella, if you have not yet decided to visit the best fair in the world, check its official website.

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