Jerez Horse Fair

Jerez Horse Fair. We tell you the story of one of the most representative festivals of tourism in Andalusia and what to do to enjoy it.

In the province of Cadiz, just over two hours from Marbella we find the city of Jerez de la Frontera. The main protagonist of this festival is the horse, the central axis of the Jerez Horse Fair, one of the most representative festivals of tourism in Andalusia. The Jerez Fair is one of the most attractive international tourist events in this region, named of International Tourist Interest. The Horse Fair offers visitors the opportunity to taste the best wines of the land, immerse themselves in flamenco, take a horseback ride and experience one of the most unique and singular fairs in Andalusia thanks to its people, its culture and its gastronomy.

The origins of this fair date back to the thirteenth century with the Castilian conquest of the city, when Alfonso X “The Wise” allowed livestock fairs in the city. From then on, stalls were set up all around to give people food and drink and to offer a place to do business. Over the years the neighbors began to decorate and illuminate with lights the enclosure and the doors of their houses. At that time they danced bulerías until dawn and drank cognac and brandy until little by little began to arrive the fino and oloroso wines typical of Jerez.

The fair opens with lighting and fireworks on the night of the first Saturday where you can enjoy the almost 200 public booths available throughout the venue, as well as its unique gastronomy and of course the diversity of wines offered by Jerez such as the oloroso, the fine or rebujito. Throughout the week, only during the day, there is a great parade of horse-drawn carriages through the central streets.

Jerez is considered the cradle of flamenco, throughout the week of the fair you can enjoy a large number of live performances in different booths starring local or area artists and groups.

For all this and much more that you can discover on the website of the Jerez City Council, the Horse Fair is one of the most recommended cultural events to attend during your stay in Andalusia. If you visit us during the month of May, do not hesitate, it is a trip for the whole family, for children, adults, for groups of friends or even for business. An unforgettable experience where the world of horses will surprise you.

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