Fair of the Towns of Fuengirola

Fair of the Towns of Fuengirola. We tell you the history of the International Peoples Fair and how and when to enjoy them.

Every year the “Feria Internacional de los Pueblos y los Países” is held in Fuengirola during the spring, specifically the first weekend of May. A unique and exceptional opportunity to enjoy the gastronomy, folklore and traditions of more than thirty countries from five different continents and all Spanish regions. Undoubtedly, one of the most culturally charged activities you can do on your trip to the Costa del Sol.

It is one of the essential celebrations of all the annual activities in Malaga. The International Fair of the Villages was born in 1994 with the aim of disseminating the history, customs, culture and tourist activities of different areas around the world. An idea that arose from the diversity of cultures and nationalities that exist in Fuengirola.

In the year 2022, after twenty-six editions, the fair changes its name to “International Fair of the Countries”, keeping its logo and the unifying spirit of always. You can find all the information about the fair on its official website.

One of the most beautiful and spectacular activities of the fair is the parade. This is the multicultural parade that starts in the Plaza de España in Fuengirola and ends at the Palacio de la Paz. Young and old from the countries represented in the event, dressed in typical costumes of their regions, walk through the streets flooding the city with magic, in it parade the folk groups with more than 1000 participants.

The fair has different stands for each participating country, in this own space you can taste the cuisine of each country, so you will have mint tea and typical sweets in the booth of Morocco or delicious nachos in the booth of Mexico. You can also dance to the rhythm of samba or vibrate with a capoeira show at the Brazilian stand.

As for dancing, you will enjoy belly dancing, dervishes and reggae groups while mingling with Indian dancers, Latin American musicians and flamenco groups.

On the other hand, you will be able to take home one of the most precious gifts, a unique piece made by local artisans. The fair has a sample area where unique pieces (jewelry, clothing, footwear, food …) from each of the cultures are sold. A perfect souvenir (unique and genuine) to give to the people waiting at your place of origin.

This is a 100% recommended cultural activity in your visit to Marbella, suitable for the whole family, all ages and whether you come in a group or as a couple is a very attractive activity. Fuengirola is a coastal town on the Costa del Sol located very close to Marbella just 30 minutes away. This will allow you to spend the day at the fair and return to your accommodation without any problem, with a few minutes drive.

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