Best places for workation in Spain

The workation has come to stay. We discover you some of the best destinations to work remotely while enjoying a large number of leisure options.

The word “Workation” comes from the fusion between the words “work” and “vacation” and literally means working remotely from another location and enjoying a vacation at the same time. This could be in the form of a company work-away or even as an individual working vacation. In this article, we’re going to look at the best destinations in Spain to plan your workation.

Spain is the ideal workation destination as it is situated in Europe, has one of Europe’s best internet connections to guarantee seamless remote working and is home to over 320 days of sunshine annually.

Whether you’re searching for sun-bathed beaches in Southern Spain, islands or the bustling energy and vibrant culture of Barcelona, Spain has something for everyone.

With the introduction of the new digital nomad visa, working in Spain is now more accessible to companies and digital nomads alike.


Malaga was recently voted one of the best parts of Spain for quality of life, and one visit to Andalusia will be sure to win over your heart. Marbella is a cosmopolitan city that draws many digital nomads and companies for workations, with beautiful beaches, an international community, and all the comforts of a modern, vibrant city.

You will enjoy being a digital nomad in Marbella because of the variety of outdoor activities. There are plenty of golf courses, tennis clubs and also many outdoor activities, not to mention beaches and fantastic weather. It’s not called the Costa del Sol for anything.

Marbella has high-speed internet and plenty of co-working spaces.

The best thing about workations in Andalusia is that it is a region of charming villages and destinations to explore in your leisure time.

As if that isn’t enough, there are plenty of beautiful homes and villas for rent which makes this one of the top destinations on digital nomad wishlists.

Canary Islands

If you’ve ever dreamed about moving to an island Paradise, the Canary Islands may be your dream come true. Made up of eight islands nestled in the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands is home to stunning beaches, volcanic landscapes, and warm temperatures all year round, with temperatures ranging between 18ºC in February and 25ºC in August. The Islands are known to be home to eternal springtime.

The Canary Islands increasingly has more to offer for workations including long-stay rates, high-speed internet connections, and co-working spaces.


Barcelona is one of Spain’s most visited cities and is home to stunning architecture, arts, and culture. This city has it all: beaches, vibrant nightlife, thriving arts, and a mouth-watering culinary scene.

Barcelona is also well-established for remote working and has an excellent internet connection and plenty of co-working spaces. Many hotels are also equipped for remote working with special prices for long stays and co-working spaces in the same building if you want a change of scenery.

Rentals tend to cost a little more than in the other locations on this list, but you can enjoy the charm of living in one of Spain’s emblematic cities.

Balearic Islands

Going from the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll find the charming Balearic Islands, surrounded by turquoise water and charming coves.

Palma de Mallorca is a major destination for Workations, with strong internet connections and the services of a big city, while still offering the charm of a quiet and peaceful life.

With mild water throughout the winter months, the Balearic Islands are an ideal workation destination any time of year. The best time to have a workation in the Balearic Islands is between October and April. You can enjoy long daylight hours, including around 6–8 hours of sunshine per day, and an average of around 20–24ºC maximum. Out of peak tourist season, between May and September, you can also find cheaper accommodation, making this an affordable workation destination.

With such a variety of places to enjoy and work from, Spain is quickly turning into one of the top destinations for workations with a fantastic climate, excellent Mediterranean cuisine, and low cost of living. Experience living and working from Spain and you will not want to go home!



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