Top 10 restaurants in Marbella

We have a selection of our favourite 14 Marbella restaurants on our website for you to check out: Wabi Sabi, Pizzeria Da Michele, American Style Rib Shack.

Marbella is a true foodie paradise with a whole host of wonderful restaurants to choose from. You’ll never struggle to find somewhere to suit your mood, or different palates. We have a selection of our favourite 14 Marbella restaurants on our website for you to check out. However, many of our holiday rental clients are asking for the “best restaurants in Marbella” so in this article we are going to try and answer that question.

To start with, we had to look at what TripAdvisor has to say on the matter and checked out their list of  top ten restaurants in Marbella as rated by the TripAdvisor users. Now of course this changes frequently and depends how well the restaurants manage their pages, but it is a good place to start.

Currently rated as number 1 (at time of writing) is the Wabi Sabi, a Hawaiian restaurant serving the much loved poke bowls, their version of the iconic Loco Moco and other favourites such as burgers and ribs. This is a little place close to Marbella port and certainly looks like it’s delivering something different, tasty and fresh here in Marbella, with good options for food intolerances and vegetarians.

Very close by is the second-place offering, an American style rib shack, which according to reviewers serves “the best ribs ever”. They rustle up original Memphis style ribs, as well as other favourites such as pulled pork wrap, Caesar salad, nachos, and chicken wings.

Back from the beach is Pizzeria da Michele, which is currently ranked third in the list. It serves Sicilian style pizzas, is popular for its friendly staff and is apparently “the best pizza in Marbella”.

Moving on from TripAdvisor, we wanted to look at another benchmark of quality and highlight the prestigious establishments which have been awarded a coveted Michelin Star. Marbella boasts an incredible four restaurants with Michelin stars and many more that are highly ranked by Michelin.

The top restaurant according to the Michelin Guide is Dani Garcia at the Puente Romano, which has been awarded an incredible three stars – the very highest honour, which represents “superlative cooking by chefs at the peak of their profession”. However you only have a few days to try this incredible restaurant, as it is closing its doors on the 15th of November.

If you can’t get a table at Dani Garcia before it closes, don’t worry, there are three more fantastic options for a Michelin starred feast in Marbella, each of which boasts one star.

Skina is nestled away in the pretty white streets of Marbella’s Old Town and is a tiny, fine dining restaurant, with a big reputation.  They pride themselves on using the best quality ingredients and traditional Andalusian flavours and combining these with creativity and flair. You can choose a taster menu which highlights the best seasonal produce and splash out on the wine pairing option, but this will set you back 235€. Alternatively you can choose from the three course a la cart menu where you can select three dishes from the menu for 130€ per person without wine, or 180€ for the pairing option.

Messina is one of our favourites, that made it onto our list of recommended restaurants for its quality, ambience and more affordable price tag.  Chef Mauricio Giovani cooks international food, with dishes from his native Argentina, as well as Spanish and Asian flavours. They have taster menus starting from 69€ per person, with a 28€ wine pairing option and you can also select from an a la cart menu. Read our overview of Messina for more information.

Last but not least is El Lago, which has maintained its one Michelin star since 2005.  Unlike the other two, this isn’t in Marbella Town itself, but is located in Elviria in the Marbella district, a short drive from Marbella itself. This stunning restaurant is located in the club house of Greenlife Golf in Elviria Hills, with great views over the golf course and lake. They use the best local products and modern and traditional techniques to create unique flavours and textures. They have a number of taster menus starting from 72€ per person and offer an option to do a wine pairing, or a selection of local wines from 23€ per person.

As you can see from these highly rated restaurants, TripAdvisor and our selection of 14 recommended restaurants it is very hard to choose the top ten.  However, we hope that these recommendations will help you to find your perfect restaurant on your next holiday in Marbella.

If you and your travelling companions particularly love one style of food or another, or you are looking to celebrate a special occasion, our helpful team of Marbella experts are on hand to advise you. We’ll also let you know the best loved restaurants located close to your holiday rental property so you don’t need to travel too far to enjoy fabulous food.



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