Travelling with pets. Tips when looking for holiday rentals

Planning to travelling with your pets to Marbella? Then, you need to consider some issues. We help you to find the best pet-friendly holiday rentals in Marbella.

Gone are the days when dog and cat owners would need to leave their pets at a boarding facility or have someone dog-sit them while they go on holiday for a few weeks. Nowadays, with airlines becoming pet-friendlier and the rise in having therapy dogs, there is a bigger need to look for accommodation that also allows your pets to stay in the room with you. Most traditional hotels do not even allow this as there are too many risks involved. Here is where we welcome holiday rentals. That feeling of home-away-from-home yet everything feels whimsical and totally new; this is the promise of holiday rentals in Marbella, Spain.


There’s no reason to leave your dog at home, especially with an increasing number of dog-friendly holiday cottages that give a true home away from home for you and your dogs. There are several options around Marbella that allow holiday-goers to bring their pet with them while they enjoy the sun and attractions. With these guidelines, Vacation Marbella makes it simple to identify and book dog-friendly rentals. Here, we will talk about where to find them and some pros and cons when you bring your pet with you on your travels.

#1: The first thing one must carefully check is to make sure your pet has all the necessary paperwork and is updated with their vaccinations. All airlines will not allow you to bring your dog or cat with you if they are not registered and their rabies shots are not current. Once you reach your destination, most villages and rental accommodation will also check these to make sure that your pet is fully protected.

For entry into Marbella, Spain, your pet has to have a valid EU passport and microchipped. So, before you leave your home, double check that the paperwork is carefully filled out and that your pet records are all up to date.

#2: The second, if not the most important one, is to search for your pet-friendly holiday rentals in Marbella, Spain. Owning a dog-friendly rental house may be a lucrative niche, and whether or not your vacation rental is pet-friendly can make or break your ability to get a booking. You can do a quick search on Google about pet-friendly places to rent and it will usually come up with a lot of options already. Aside from this, we also have in this site where we already mark which properties are available to let right away. In, you can see top places where pets are welcome as well. In AIRBNB, you just have to read the house rules to check if the accommodation accepts pets. Vacation Marbella welcomes pets as long as they are not over 10kgs. Most vacation rentals do not allow bigger sized dogs so keep a watch out for this important notice.

#3: When renting a dog-friendly holiday rental, make sure to inform the owner of your desire to bring your dog or dogs, as well as the number of pets you want to bring. If you have more than one dog, make sure the property and garden are large enough, as they will likely utilize the outside space to relieve themselves. Most establishments in Marbella, Spain do not allow dogs inside restaurants so decide on outdoor cafes, designated beaches, and parks that welcome your fur babies to have fun alongside you. Of course, while on vacation, it is still a good idea to find time to exercise your pet so just as a precaution bring along a muzzle, collar & leash, and poop bags whenever you go out with them.

#4: If your dog enjoys being on the water or being the captain of your boat, look for a pet-friendly holiday rental or cabin near a beach or lake. But during high summer months, the temperature in Marbella, Spain gets really hot so it is best to keep your dogs indoor or in shaded areas. During this time, official beaches also do not allow pets where there are many beach-goers. When your pet is your priority, it is best to go during lean season where you have more freedom to bring your dog or cat to more places.

#5: Ask for property pictures or special house rules. When you bring your pet on holiday, you have to be aware of special rules each pet-friendly holiday rentals in Marbella, Spain has. If you allow your pets to sit or sleep on any furniture or beds, make sure they are fully covered with blankets or towels. If the pet-friendly holiday rental or hotel has a “No pets on the furniture” policy, please respect it and observe it. You may be able to leave your pet alone in certain dog-friendly holiday hotels. When they are in strange terrain, even the best-behaved pets can create noise and act destructively. If you must leave your pet alone, make sure it is just for a short period of time. It’s also a good idea to notify the property management if your pet is alone in the holiday rental or cabin. There are some accommodations that also require upfront payment or even a per-day fee for your pet. While us pet-owners hate shelling out additional money just to bring our fur babies, it is a good way we pay this so that we show that we are thankful that they are allowing us to in the first place. There is always a risk these accommodations take when they allow dogs or cats since after our departure, they have to deep-clean each corner to avoid the next guest from getting pet dander or fur allergic reactions. Remember that you and your dog are guests in the pet-friendly rentals and hotels you select. So, be mindful of the properties and their pet regulations to ensure that your vacation is relaxing and pleasurable, just way it should be!

#6 Beaches that allow pets in Marbella, Spain are slowly cropping up. In fact, since 2018, more and more official beaches have designated pet areas. The beach at the mouth of River Torrox, Malaga has a 300m stretch of pure sand for your dog to run around and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. There are also litter bins and bag dispensers where you can dispose of your pet’s excrements safely.  This beach is located in the touristy Costa del Sol where the mountains meet the sky and sand.

If you can find holiday rentals in Marbella, Spain that allow pets, as much as possible choose one with a yard or a closed-off fence so that you will be able to let your dog run free in the garden.

Here in Vacation Marbella, we have several pet-friendly holiday rentals that you will find to your liking. From penthouse to villas that allow small dogs and cats, you will be able to search for one easily. In the Vacation Marbella site, you just have to tick off in search options that allow pets and it will bring you to results that show accommodations that do welcome pets.



From Vacation Marbella wants that everyone knows the benefit about staying in Marbella. There are a plenty of activities that you can do with your family, friends or even with you pet. Share the information with everyone and who knows, maybe could join your plans!